From the daily archives: Monday, December 7, 2009

As we begin to learn that Tiger Woods has more mistresses in his cell phone than clubs in his er…bag, I simply must comment.

Tiger is a hero of mine, because I play golf, I love golf, and I love watching great sportsmen excel at the most difficult sports.? The only thing harder to do in sport than hit a major league curve ball is hit a golf ball standing still in the direction you intend it to go.? Tiger is better at it than anyone, perhaps ever.? Even if you think watching golf on TV is idiotic, just watch […]

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Sometimes, can be quite funny.? Case in point – nothing can escape the matter swallowing black hole that is the endless Republican obsession with genitalia, not even….

Hey Bentkowski,” stop holding your own” and get the friggen leaves off my treelawn. They have been there for weeks. You sir are a loser.

But the man’s penis is ENORMOUS!

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This is the kind of common sense reform we expect from a Democratic Administration– encourage the unemployed to get an education by not letting their full-time student status jeopardize their unemployment benefits

?This change in eligibility will help eliminate obstacles and open doors, just when Ohio?s unemployed workers need it most,? said ODJFS Director Douglas Lumpkin. ?It will allow unemployed Ohioans to get the skills and training they need, in the industries that need them, so they can make a better future for their families.?

Additionally, the Obama Administration is permitting UC claimants to receive special […]

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Kyle Sisk is the first conservative blogger to admit that the entire candidacy of John Kasich for Governor is about hiding one fact: that for all his promises to repeal taxes, not only will John Kasich not do that, but he’ll raise taxes instead.

Given Sisk’s recent history of scrubbing his website when he realizes the import of his post is counterproductive, here’s the screenshot:

Meanwhile, it’s Strickland’s public construction contract and sentencing reforms that are the structural reforms that the Senate GOP has adopted as their own (both were originally introduced in the Governor’s budget.)


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It only took 24 pages.

I picked up the book to give it another try after Thanksgiving. My annoyance with the first 15 pages had faded. All I remembered was the boredom. So, I gave it another shot.

Then, on page 22, she quoted “french writer Blaise Pascal.” I wondered if that was someone I should know from college philosophy or political science. Couldn’t recall, so I made a note to google it.

But within two more pages, when Palin supposedly quotes Plato, I had had enough. I closed the book, put the cover back on and stuck it in […]

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Wanted to pass on this little tidbit – evidence that government expenditures can be managed in such a way to both provide measurable economic benefit, and largely protect the investment of The People.

WASHINGTON – The Treasury Department expects to recover all but $42 billion of the $370 billion it loaned to ailing companies during the financial crisis last year, with the portion loaned to banks showing a slight profit, according to a Treasury report.

The latest assessment of the bailout program, provided by two Treasury officials yesterday ahead of a report to Congress today, is vastly improved from […]

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It’s sad to hear someone in our Ohio political blogging community struck with not one, but TWO mentally degrading diseases.  How long has Sisk being keeping his health a secret?  Does his family know? I’m not a doctor, nor do I know if anyone with a medical degree has diagnosed Sisk with partisan/ideological induced dementia, but the evidence from his site is clear:

“I believe Ohio, as I’ve said, has everything that is needed to be an economic success story,” he said. “All we need is a little more time to put all the pieces together.”

Can […]

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We’ve nailed down a BlogTalk interview with Jennifer Brunner for tomorrow, 10 am, right here at Plunderbund.? For the record, this interview was at the Brunner campaign’s request, in response to this post noting that Jennifer Brunner supported Barack Obama’s increase in troops to Afghanistan in February, which she now opposes.

This Saturday, just before midnight, Brunner campaign blogger Jeff Coryell wandered into a day and a half old Kos diary to leave a lonely comment defending the flip flop.? This morning, Plunderbund’s Modern Esquire forensically demolishes Coryell’s logically challenged, strained to the point of absurdity, […]

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From Rasmussen:

In a three-way Generic Ballot test, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds Democrats attracting 36% of the vote. The Tea Party candidate picks up 23%, and Republicans finish third at 18%. Another 22% are undecided.

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Over the weekend, Brunner campaign blogger Jeff Coryell announced on DailyKos that Brunner was going “to respond to Tim Russo on his home blog, [sic]” tomorrow at 10 a.m.  That was exclusive news to us in that the campaign had yet to tell us that they wanted to do a chat at that time yet. 

Jeff then makes a cardinal campaign mistake:

That being said, I’d like to point out, not speaking on behalf of Jennifer Brunner but just for myself, that her remarks on February 24th were in the context of a troop build-up of […]

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