From the daily archives: Sunday, December 6, 2009

I just watched this video of the teabaggers in NYC protesting the potential trials of terror suspects (ht Andrew Sullivan). About 50 seconds in you’ll see a woman with tea bags hanging from her hat complaining that the cost of police protection for 2 years worth of terror trials will cost $75 million.

It’s funny because I don’t remember seeing Ms. Teabagger out protesting the $78 million NYC spent on police protection for the Republican National Convention for – which was less than a week long.

Here’s the video…

Oh… and stick around a few seconds more […]

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Mike McIntyre of the PD has himself one of the finest emails of all time – a dissertation on the size of Republican Mayor Dave Bentkowski’s penis – written by Dave Bentkowski, Republican mayor of Seven Hills – about his own penis.


Republican mayor of Cleveland suburb Seven Hills, David Bentkowski, has written a NINE PAGE EMAIL DISSERTATION about the SIZE OF HIS OWN PENIS.? One small excerpt.

The commentary started out with people labeling me as a farm animal such as a donkey or a horse.


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And announces a Brunner appearance on Plunderbund, Tuesday at 10am, to have a “debate” about Afghanistan.? We have yet to confirm any of that on our end, but I guess Jeff gets to make those decisions for all of us!

I’m not going to address Jeff’s arguments, as he claims to not be speaking for the campaign.? I find that odd, given that he is staff.? However, I do look forward to asking Jennifer about this, and when we do confirm it, we’ll let you know.

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Breaking!!!!? See you in Columbus, Pam, I’ll be the one in the burqa….OOPS!? Just blew my jihadist cover!? Alert Patrick Poole!

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What a sad piece of news.? The Lancer Steakhouse, one of the most venerable African American businesses in Cleveland, was completely destroyed by fire early this morning. No one was injured, but there was no insurance.

The Lancer was one of the centers of African American political and social circles in Cleveland for decades.? I spent much of election night in 2008 there, and unveiled a portrait of Barack Obama across the street from the Lancer with artist Loren Naji on inauguration night.? My favorite food there was the fried Lake Erie perch….so damn good.

I hope something […]

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