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Deep Thought

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There’s never been anything false about hope.? Indeed it springs eternal.

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I like being in a political party, the Democratic Party, so resolutely anti-war at its core, and within its base.? There is no “pro-war” Democrat.? Those people are Republicans.? Anti-war Democrats include us all.? It means when we decide to fight a war, we make sure we do it right, because we want it to end.

Anti-war pacifists do not, however, include all Democrats.? That too is a good thing.? Ask any Kosovar Albanian, who last month raised a statue to our Democratic president Bill Clinton in gratitude for saving them from genocide.? Ask Bosnian Muslims.? Ask the whole of […]

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Last month David Vitter fought the FDA ban on raw oysters.

Over the past few weeks he’s focused exclusively on protecting the health of young women’s breasts.

Could his motives be any clearer?

You heard it here first:

David Vitter plans to quit the Senate to open a Hooters franchise.

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Just sayin’

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A few thoughts on the whole Call & Post fiasco:

Despite being the organization’s Treasurer, to date, the Ohio Black Legislative Caucus has yet to issue a statement.  I don’t get that. Except for carrying AP coverage of it, none of the local media outlets or any other Ohio blog has touched this story.  I don’t get that. Mark Naymik has done a very good job reporting on all the ins and outs of this evolving story.

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No apologies from Call & Post:

When Don King purchased the Call & Post, his one demand to both editorial and administrative staff was that the rights of Black people be protected. We have adhered to that demand.

This newspaper stands by the front-page editorial and all of its ramifications.

So what about the rights of African-Americans who voted FOR issue 6, like Senator Turner?  Are they, too, nothing more than a collection of Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas?  Call & Post, apparently, says “yes.”  But what about their rights?

And yet, nobody has […]

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Yesterday I wrote a short post about Rep. Wachtmann. While researching him I came across some other information at the Ohio House website. Besides the new, pro-Jesus bill I discussed yesterday, Lynn has been the primary sponsor of only one other bill: HB 373.

The purpose of HB 373 is “to establish nutritional standards for certain foods and beverages sold in public and chartered nonpublic schools”. It also covers other stuff like body mass index testing and physical fitness requirements but for the purposes of this post the part about food and beverages is what’s important.

Also […]

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Damon Linker has an excellent article up on “common sense”, and the ridiculousness of the right-wing appeals to it. It’s long, difficult to excerpt concisely, and excellent. Go read it.

That Americans disagree with one another on political and cultural matters is not an indication that those on one side or the other are out of touch with common sense. On the contrary, it is a consequence of our freedom?our freedom to disagree, to think for ourselves and to stake out political and ideological positions consonant with our divergent histories and experiences of the world, as well as with […]

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The Dispatch is reporting that Ranking Minority Senate Finance Committeemember Sen. Ray Miller believes a budget deal is “within reach.”  Miller, if you recall, was a reliable indicator as to the Democratic Caucus’ reaction to the last Senate GOP proposal.  His indication of possible support suggests that the latest Senate GOP proposal–full tax cut freeze coupled with Strickland’s public contract reform and sentencing reform proposals–is likely what will emerge.  I can’t imagine that Miller would offer such a statement unless he truly believed the Senate GOP proposal was something that the Democratic Senate Caucus would be willing to […]

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And the story keeps developing. 

According to today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, there is a discrepancy emerging in the NAACP ranks about exactly when NAACP President/Call & Post “legal advisor” George Forbes made the decision to cancel last night’s scheduled NAACP meeting in which the organization would consider taking action regarding the Call & Post‘s depiction of State Senator Nina Turner as an “Aunt Jemima.”

Forbes claims he made the decision to cancel it because of the holiday season (only 24 days until Christmas, after all!) last week.  However, NAACP Executive Director Stanley Miller said that Forbes called […]

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[The following is a true story.]

A young lawyer, recently admitted to the Georgia bar, learns that he’s been appointed by the court to represent a man in jail on a misdemeanor charge.? The lawyer is handed a folder containing the criminal complaint as he heads to the jail.? Sitting across from his client in the jail’s attorney visiting room, the lawyer opens the file and read the criminal complaint.? His eyes widen as his jaw undiplomatically drops to the floor.

“Mr. [Smith], this criminal complaint says you’ve been charged with bestiality in that your neighbor and her young daughter […]

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