From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If you haven’t been following the Salazar V. Buono case let me give you a quick recap:

A big Christian cross was erected on public land in California back in the 30s. In the late 90’s someone asked to put up a dome-shaped Buddhist shrine near the cross. The park service denied the request and also stated that it was their “intention to have the cross removed”. (because you can’t put up religious crap on public land)

A bunch of Republicans in congress decided to take a stand against the evil, Christian-hating park service employees by taking away funding from […]

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A Visual Tale of Two Speeches

On December 1, 2009 By

Speaking to the nation from the White House Treaty Room at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, on Oct. 7, 2001, President George W. Bush announced the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom against the Taliban regime and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan:

Military. America. Afghanistan. Taliban. Every.

Tonight, President Obama:

Afghanistan. Afghan. People. Security. al-Qaida.

The contrast couldn’t be any greater.

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Tonight’s speech was nothing less than a total repudiation of the Bush doctrine by President Obama, in every way.? There is no open-ended war.? No good vs. evil.? We know when, and precisely how, the war in Afghanistan will end.?? Barack put American values ahead of American might.? And by giving this speech to a military audience, Barack made it clear that this new approach, “doctrine” if you will, comes from the top.

Invoking September 11, as weary as that has become, had to be done, but Barack did it in a much better way.? Barack invoked Article 5 of […]

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Lee Fisher gets his MoveOn on:

“Keeping America safe is our most sacred duty. That?s why I believe we must continue to aggressively target al-Qaeda and destroy terrorist networks around the world that threaten our nation.

“But defeating al-Qaeda does not require 30,000 additional troops be sent to Afghanistan. As those on the ground have said, stabilizing Afghanistan and preventing al-Qaeda’s return requires training tens of thousands of additional Afghan forces, building a broad-based, coalition government with the legitimacy to lead and a crackdown on corruption by the Karzai government. Placing more American soldiers in harm?s way will not move […]

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Join the Plundercrew as we watch and comment on President Obama’s big Afghanistan speech.? Speech prep: Speech excerpts | What to look for (Politico) | What to look for (Tim)

President Obama Afghanistan Speech

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Imagine that. Sarah Palin’s “Bus Tour” is a big fake.

Of course it is.

While having a belated Thanksgiving dinner over the weekend at my in-laws’ house my mother in law told me a friend had seen the Palin bus behind their house parked behind a Target. The day before the Columbus signing.

Odd, huh? Then I read all the ruckus online about how Palin is not actually traveling across country on a bus doing a book tour:

It seems now that Palin hasn?t been on the bus, except for short hops between local airports and […]

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It looks like the Senate GOP leadership is getting serious about getting the budget resolved.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Senate GOP is offering a new plan that would require the unanimous support of the Senate Democratic caucus.

The new deal drops, apparently, the controversial proposal of selling off drilling rates to Ohio’s state parks, repealing the recently created legislative goal of universal, all-day kindergarten, nor does it include additional funding for parochial schools.

The bill does add two new provisions from the House’s “clean” bill.  One is a controversial construction reform proposal that was actually created […]

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So, what do you do when your NAACP President, George Forbes, is viewed as being responsible for Call & Post‘s depiction of State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) as “Aunt Jemima?”

Well, you let the NAACP President cancel the meeting to discuss it, of course.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s Mark Naymik (who’s been on top of this story):

“He said he didn’t want to have a meeting because it is getting into the holidays, that kind of thing,” [NAACP Executive Director Stanley] Miller said. “That’s the president’s call.”

Yes, because it’s only 24 days until Christmas.

So, I […]

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Yes, nothing makes the case stronger that we must repeal the inheritance tax by highlighting a successful business, that is still successful, and has been handed down to its third generation of owners and is still expanding.

Seriously?? This is the best case study the Heritage Foundation could find?

I’ve got news for our conservative brethren.? It is not the American dream to have economic success handed out to you based on who’s vagina the doctor yanked you out of.

That is not the “American Dream.”? The estate tax exists because people get a windfall based on their bloodlines […]

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Call & Post is actually defending its depiction of State Senator as “Aunt Jemima” by saying they don’t intend the reference to be a hurtful depiction.

Seriously, how could anyone take this as a hurtful depiction?

In other news, Call & Post declared “Song of the South” the greatest Disney movie ever made.

Also, “Amos & Andy” were misunderstood symbols of appreciation of African-American culture by white America.

And Buckwheat was “O’tay!” too.

Seriously, if the intent of Call & Post in depicting Turner as Aunt Jemima wasn’t hurtful, then what WAS their intent?

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I’ve spent most of the day amazed by the response to my Kos diary, which spent all day at the top of the rec list, now at over 1,400 comments.? Wow.? I’m not really going to have a lot to say about the decision until I see the speech, but as Ohio’s most loud mouthed foreign policy blog dude, here’s what I’m looking for tonight.

Allies – Whatever Barack decides to do in Afghanistan will fail or succeed based largely on the involvement of NATO, the UN, Pakistan, and other allies on the ground.? I’m watching closely for any […]

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