In case you wanted to know more about the news of Russia going to war with Georgia, Tim’s place is where to go. Nobody else in Ohio is able to talk with as much experience and authority as he. Some very good insights. This is the latest:

The only way to reverse this situation is to elect Barack Obama president. That may sound convenient for an Obama supporter, but it is plainly a fact. Because the only way American power will be restored to a point where a country like Georgia isn’t a sitting duck in Russian gunsights, is for America to get out of Iraq, escalate in Afghanistan with its allies, defeat Al Queda, restore American diplomatic influence, American military flexibility, and American credibility in the world.

None of this will happen with John McCain as president. In fact, the impotence of US policy in the face of Russian, or any other country’s, petulance, will get worse under a McCain administration.

See this link for his other stuff on the issue. Don’t read any GOPer blogs. They apparently still think the USSR exists.

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