Note😕 That didn’t take long.? My welcome post is long buried by the prolific nature of our two newest bloggers! See this post for the hilarity of our launch plans gone awry, then come back here to read the boring stuff.

Welcome to the all new Plunderbund.? 2.0 style.? The site has a new look.? The third look in the history of the site.? Gone is shadow guy (who remembers shadow guy?).? Gone is Plunderbama.? They all served their purposes well.? Besides shadow guy.? Nobody ever really got that, including me.? We’re back to just the classic Fist, which made it’s appearance in the very first PB redesign and is now inextricably linked to the site.

We’re still on WordPress (we love WordPress!), but we moved to a premium theme that we think enhances the overall look and readability of the site.? That’s what we want you to do, afterall, READ!? We’ve added a more robust commenting system as well as many ways to spread the love through different social media channels.? We hope you like.

The BIG News

Beyond the cosmetics is where the really big news is.? Joining the blog with the launch of PB2.0 is Tim Russo of Blogger Interrupted and ModernEsquire of Buckeye State Blog.? Tim and Modern have both had longstanding offers to blog here, but recent circumstances worked out that they BOTH took me up on the offer.? Both are long time friends and I can’t express how excited I am to have them here.? This will no doubt take Plunderbund to an entirely different level.

I’ll also note that I didn’t just invite them to blog, but the now 5 current main bloggers at the site actually are equal partners in it.? It’s all our baby now.? Our goal is to make this the go-to political blog in Ohio.? We’ll let you be the judge over time.? As always we welcome your feedback in comments or via email privately.

But Wait, There’s More!

In addition to the minor news of a design change and major news of big blogger additions, we’ve made a few other (medium?) changes.? Having had a blogads account for two years now, we’re finally going to use it!? Plunderbund is now ad supported.? We welcome those wanting to get exposure to the movers and shakers in Ohio political circles to read more about our advertising opportunities.

We’ve also partnered with Skreened to offer Plunderbund T-shirts.? We will, of course, offer our classic Fist logo tee.? We’ll also be putting together some fun designs relevant to our audience and make them available.? Should be fun.? More about why we chose Skreened is here.

So a new era begins.? Buy the ticket.? Take the ride.