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Gee, where have I heard this before?

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John McCain is now in a very interesting position. Having lost the American people to an economic crisis and his foreign policy wheelhouse having been taken away from him by circumstance and blunder, McCain set off on a course that didn’t quite square with his deeply held personal beliefs of how to conduct oneself with honor and dignity. Indeed the firestorm of personal attacks against Barack Obama and the narrative that he is dangerous, pals with terrorists, and can’t be trusted was a hardball negative campaign tactic that surely must have been thrust upon John by the Steve Schmidt’s […]

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John McCain: Unfit to Lead

On August 15, 2008 By

Hooray YouTube indy political ads! So much good stuff on our side:

(ht BI)

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YouTube member CartwrightDale says of his ad concept:

Although I enjoyed Barack Obama’s recent web ad “Embrace” (the one with lots of hugging between Bush and McCain), I still think the campaign needs to be a little harsher. The idea of a continuation of Bush policies into a third term should be scary, not playful. Furthermore, I think it’s important to emphasize that McCain has been “doubling down” on Bush’s policies at the same time the rest of the nation (and world) has been abandoning them.

I created this ad to illustrate the kind of concept I’d like to […]

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Update 2: The video has been salvaged!

Update: Sadly, they’ve decided to pull the video. It is no longer available. But never fear! Uncle Eric is here! Details forthcoming.

Probably not the kind of pure hilarity they were aiming for, but pure hilarity still. I am so anxious for episode 2! Kinda jonesin’ already for it.

I’d comment, but I’m speechless.

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