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“Josh Mandel is intentionally neglecting the job Ohioans asked him to do just a few short months ago and his claim that he’s focused on the Treasurer’s office is both laughable and insulting,” said Ohio Democratic Party press secretary Justin Barasky. “Ohio deserves a full-time Treasurer, not someone who begins planning for yet another campaign before the paint has time to dry in his new office.”

It’s pretty much been amateur hour at the Mandel campaign.  As he touts his conservative bona fides by getting the endorsements of various conservative leaders, he’s cowardly avoided a visible role […]

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(HT: Dave Harding at Progress Ohio)

Within days of the recount in the GOP primary being called off with former Taft Agriculture Director/’08 nominee Fred Daily concede to freshman State Senator Bob Gibbs, the Zack Space congressional campaign wasted no time taking a swing at Gibbs with a fore-star attack ad that will have Gibbs asking for a mulligan on the GOP primary.

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Poor John Kasich.? He can’t understand why all those Tea Party folks are upset.? Don’t they know he went back to the 1990s, ended all corporate welfare, deported Obama, and made Sarah Palin President, thus preventing TARP and the auto industry bailouts?

Just watch this video as he tries to explain just how fuckin’ awesome he was… twenty years ago.

And to reinforce the point, Kasich totally included a picture of that press conference he held (right after he finished his paper route) announcing to the media that all corporate welfare was over.? Don’t remember that?? Just look at […]

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Should need no further explanation.

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YouTube Tuesdays – Doremifasollatido

On September 23, 2008 By

An ongoing battle between horse owners and callers:

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“You can’t arrange ’em by penis” = insta-classic! Worth every bit of the 10:24. In fact, I’m willing to bet you’ll watch it twice!

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YouTube Tuesdays: Sumo

On April 22, 2008 By

I actually find sumo wrestling fascinating. Honest! But, for those of you who find it a giant snoozefest, perhaps kicking it up a notch with fighting game visuals will bring you around.

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YouTube Tuesdays: Ex Machina

On April 1, 2008 By

Don’t have anything particularly funny, and in fact I’ve been so busy I haven’t read my RSS feeds in over a week. So, here’s a trailer for what looks like a pretty awesome sci-fi action film you might not have heard of. (The Appleseed stuff is written by the guy who created Ghost in the Shell, which is some amazing Anime/Manga.)

A few other trailers for totally excellent comic book movies I’m looking forward to after the jump.

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Clips from perhaps one of the greatest works of art of all time, Seven Samurai, set to traditional Japanese drums.

If you haven’t seen this movie, you must find time. The Magnificent Seven is essentially a western remake of this Japanese classic. There are even little snippets of it in the Star Wars films. (George Lucas was heavily influenced by Seven Samurai director Akira Kurosawa. The original three Star Wars films draw heavily on Kurasawa’s style and material, from wipe transitions to characters and story elements – most notably from The Hidden Fortress. I’ve seen most of his […]

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I knew waiting on queue for rollercoasters at the park was tough, but not this tough.

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