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As statehouse Republicans attempt to give John Kasich total control of K-12 education, including the authority to appoint a new cabinet member to oversee education policy, it’s worth a look at what happened when he was given the same authority over two Ohio school systems.

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Mary Taylor was in the Youngstown area yesterday bashing the Strickland Administration as part of the Kasich-Taylor Great American Outsourcing Tour.  She promised business leaders that Kasich-Taylor would do what Strickland has already done.

From the Youngstown Business Journal:

“We need to go in a different direction,” Taylor said.

She emphasized the need to ease the regulatory environment for small businesses, reducing the tax burden for companies and also helping to improve and strengthen Ohio’s job-training capabilities.

When is someone in the media going to finally called Taylor on this bullshit?  Because of Governor Strickland’s support, Ohio’s personal […]

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