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Mecklenborg arrest information

We’ve obtained a copy the arrest record of State Representative Mecklenborg that I wrote about earlier tonight.

There’s just one new question raised by these documents:

Why was a woman named “Tiona Roberts” a passenger in the State Representative’s car while he was drunk with Viagra in his system after midnight on a Friday night in Indiana?!?

Drip, drip, drip….

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According to the Daily Caller, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is contemplating running for re-election to Congress, but this time from the State of Washington.

Kucinich is believed to be one of the Ohio Democratic Members of Congress that Republicans who control redistricting will target for elimination as they redraw Ohio’s congressional map with two fewer districts.   Kucinich was being forced into either a primary challenge against Congresswoman Marsha Fudge or Congresswoman Betty Sutton.  However, the State of Washington is gaining a congressional seat, and Kucinich, apparently, is seriously contemplating moving there and running for […]

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I’ve heard about privatizing government, but John Kasich is taking it to the extremes.  If you’ve ever wanted to be the State’s landlord, John Kasich is going to give you that chance.  Unfortunately, we won’t get the opportunity to evict him from the Governor’s Mansion since he won’t be living in it.

WBNS Channel 10 in Columbus reports that lawmakers are considering selling various State buildings, including both the Riffe Center and the Rhodes Tower to help plug the budget deficit.  So, theoretically, we’re one Josh Mandel slip up from evicting the Republicans out of their State government […]

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Please please PLEASE tell me this is satire:

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Having solved every other problem in Ohio, the Ohio Senate found itself apparently with time to spare, so they decided that they needed to end the non-existent practice of creating human-animal hybrids.

Then they went to Ohio Senate-Lobbyist Summer camp which Senate President Bill Harris is all excited about making a leather wallet and Senate Majority Floor Leader totally expects to kiss his first girl.

What the hell am I supposed to do with an entire stable of centaurs that I was raising to race once slot machines were permitted at horse racing tracks leading to […]

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Here’s a pro-tip, if you’re going to write a blog post titled “OH Sen. Brown’s Dimwitted Remarks Over Oil Spill,” then at least find something dim witted about Senator Brown’s remarks.

Instead, “One Oar in the Water” says in response:

Maybe we should explore the effects of big government on the environment and energy industry? Maybe we should explore the lack of oversight Congress failed to exhibit all these years over the energy industry?

These are just a few questions Senator Brown might want to ask, but surely the oil spill in the gulf points to too much […]

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Either that presumably 50 ft. tall “Vote Steve Stivers May 4th” sign was photoshopped into a Tea Party crowd shot by the Ohio Republican Party or I missed the headline in the Columbus Dispatch:

58 Tea Party protesters killed by falling giant Stivers sign.

Christ, guys, don’t photoshop something where the sign looks so large that people’s heads are smaller than the dot on the “i.”? They actually cropped the bottom edge to make it appear like it was behind those folks and tilted the writing to give the impression it was displayed at an angle.?? What did […]

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You know, I used to think that “Scoop” Keeling was just a Kasich hack, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s just an idiot.

Today, Keeling joined Matt Naugle in pushing the latest Josh Mandel press release against State Treasurer Kevin Boyce.? In this latest installment of “I really don’t know anything about the office I seek”, Mandel alleges that Boyce is holding up state banking contracts as a way to raise more money for his campaign.

Except that both Mandel, Naugle, and Keeling ignore the fact that the decision to delay the awarding the contracts […]

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Quick Question…

On November 23, 2009 By

WTF is wrong with Missouri?

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WTF, Joe Biden drivers, WTF?

On November 18, 2009 By

Um, 3 accidents in a week? Can we get the Vice President another travel detail?

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Is there a delete button at Progress Ohio? Someone needs to use it.

Hell, give me admin privileges again and I’ll do it.

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