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We’ve all seen far too often what happens when legislative bodies are non-representative of their constituents. Infamous images abound of panels of elderly, white, wealthy, Republican men staring down on women and people of color from their positions of power, enacting policies to benefit and enrich themselves at the harm of everybody else.

It’s long overdue that we should see an influx of women into the Ohio House of Representatives and State Senate. To say the least, it’s incredibly frustrating that 27 of the 33 State Senate seats and 76 of the 99 House of Representative seats in Ohio […]

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Congressional Republicans – including 11 from Ohio – would revise the definition of ‘rape’ to exclude the ‘statutory’ rape of young girls, date rape, rape involving drugs or alcohol impairment, or where a woman’s mental capacity is otherwise limited.

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The Plain Dealer‘s Henry Gomez reported today via Twitter that the Romney campaign would be launching Ohio Women for Mitt tomorrow.

Recent polling of the race in Ohio, in particular the gender gap, quickly reveals why.

According to the latest Purple Strategies poll, Romney leads among Ohio men by 8%. But Obama is up by 12% among women. In other words, Romney faces a whopping twenty-point gender gap in Ohio.

Unfortunately for Romney, women make up 52% of the state’s electorate, so any gender gap is going to create huge problems for him on […]

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new Quinnipiac Poll released today shows Obama holding a 2 point lead in Ohio, but more importantly, maintaining his significant edge among women. Obama leads Romney among likely Ohio voters by 44-42. Among women, the President’s margin is 50-37.

The real concern for the Obama folks has to be the turnaround among Ohio’s independent voters–another key voting block. The President led by 4 points in both the February and March polls, but now trails Romney by 5.

Women’s opinions about both candidates are largely unchanged. 50% of women still view Obama favorably, compared to 53% […]

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Rally for Women’s Rights

On April 25, 2012 By

We’ve told you for months that there is a national assault on women’s rights and Ohio is on the front lines. A new, national grassroots organization—UNITE Women—sprung up in the wake of nearly 400 bills introduced in state houses across the country to fight back. The group has organized large events in state capitals nationwide for this Saturday, April 28 and Ohio is no exception.

Saturday’s rally on the Statehouse west lawn will feature a number of speakers about such proposals as the heartbeat bill, personhood amendment, a new […]

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This is a critical week in the Ohio Legislature. The House Finance Committee is set to vote tomorrow to pass the mid-biennium budget bill (HB487) out of committee . On Wednesday, the full House of Representatives is set to vote.

Below is an action alert from our friends at Planned Parenthood featuring easy steps you can take.

There is an amendment to the Budget revision in the Ohio House that would eliminate funding from Planned Parenthood. If it were to pass, women would lose access to critical services such as STD testing, sex education, breast cancer screenings, birth control, […]

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With their move to defund Planned Parenthood, Ohio Republicans have put our state on center stage in the nationwide assault on women’s health. While the national party sought to quell the talk of a “war on women” and make these issues go away, the Ohio party jumped in with both feet.

We are in the national spotlight and that’s a good thing. When Virginia tried to require vaginal ultrasounds for an abortion, thousands of women took action and scared politicians to change the bill. […]

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In our previous post, we raised an alarm about the hasty insertion of an amendment into a budget bill quickly moving through the legislature that would prevent the distribution of federal family planning funds to Planned Parenthood. We made that claim because that’s what other bills (HB298 and SB201) currently pending in the Ohio General Assembly aim out to do.

It turns out that it’s actually much, much worse than that.

In addition to restricting the flow of federal “family planning” funds, House Bill 487, sponsored by Representative Ron Amstutz and adopted without a recorded vote by members of the […]

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Remember that thing about how there’s not really a war on women and that democrats were just making it all up to scare people? Apparently nobody at Republican headquarters remembered to get that memo to their people in Ohio.

Earlier today, the Ohio House Finance and Appropriations Committee met and voted to adopt a number of amendments to HB487, Governor Kasich’s “mid-biennium review” of the two-year state budget. Hidden within a five-page summary of the various amendments is the following innocuously worded item:

“provide a prioritization of family planning funds”

This is shorthand for a proposal, pending in the […]

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Women make up a majority—53 percent—of the national electorate, and are key to any Democrat’s path to the White House. In 2008, while Obama won the election by 7 points, his winning margin among women was 13. In Ohio, the picture was similar: women make up 52% of the electorate and went for Obama over McCain by 8 points.

Because of the importance of winning the women’s vote, we will be monitoring available polling in Ohio to see how this important demographic is feeling about the candidates. We posted earlier this month that the President […]

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An important piece of legislation was introduced in the Ohio State Senate yesterday. It seems that in all the fuss to protect women from making poor decisions about their bodies, we forgot about the men. But Senator Nina Turner didn’t forget.

Turner has introduced a bill that would make sure that men, seeking prescriptions to potentially dangerous therapies to treat male sexual disorders, receive the same type of information and options as women confronting difficult decisions about their reproductive health.

From Turner’s press release:

“When a man makes a crucial decision about his health and his body, he should be […]

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