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Despite his inability to apologize for intimating the current sitting President of the United States was a terrorist, Tom continues to demand MY apology for creative use of the English language to make a point. Yes. I once and often called Tom Blumer Tom “Motherfucker” Blumer. To make a point that he is still incapable of grasping. It’s called rhetoric. Smart folks get the shit. Ignorant wingnuts apparently do not. (Actually if you Google Tom and motherfucker it’s the first result. Same thing for Tom Blumer motherfucker. No telling who would do that, but we own it […]

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Hilarity. Simply pure unadulterated hilarity. Andrew Sullivan on Tom Blumer:

John Cole finds the single dumbest political opinion piece on the internet.

Our own Bizzy! LOL. We’ve known all this for years now. Not precisely how you wanna be famous, I’d guess. 😉

(ht Tim @bloggerinterrupted)

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Tammy Bruce Let’s the Crazy Go

On March 24, 2009 By

Watch out Coulter, there’s some mighty fine batshit crazy on the loose. You might want to step up your rhetoric. LOL

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Don’t expect much flailing of arms and gnashing of teeth from the right on this:

Q. What was your last assignment?

A. I made a photo of the president walking out, seeing Midland, Texas, for the first time as an ex-president. Midland wasn’t the last stop. We went to an event in Waco, where we said our goodbyes and he left for the ranch. Aboard the plane to Waco, he asked me what I was doing. … Then he said, “Let’s keep in touch.” Instead of a handshake, he gave me a fist bump. That’s how it ended.

Just to […]

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So it’s “leftard” now. That’s the latest bit of goodness from those that would call us here at Plunderbund profane. Ain’t it cute? Leftard. All the cool wingnut kids are using it! Especially the Starfleet Commanders!

So what have we learned about Matt Hurley this morning?

1. Matt Hurley can use Scribd to post documents the Austria campaign funneled to him. If you think this dumbass researched all these documents then I got a bridge to sell you up in Alaska.

2. Matt Hurley can name call with the best of them. Matt, come on. Leftard? PlunderDUMB […]

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We Get Fan Mail

On September 17, 2008 By

This from yet another anonymous racist coward troll fuckwit pissed because I won’t allow them to link to their Obama smear website in comments here at PB:

On Sep 17, 2008, at 6:38 PM, wrote:

I guess you want to change the first Amendment. Why is it when the truth is told about a candidate you try to remove a resource to decide who to vote for. I can no longer believe the advertising’s on television especially the ones coming out of Obama’s mouth or is he Barry Soetoro aka Barry Dunham. I guess you want to be […]

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He Must Be Too “Bizzy”

On September 17, 2008 By

Pure economic insanity and crisis the likes of which we’ve not seen in YEARS and what is “the business end of the blogosphere” posting about it?


No, check that. Tom Blumer got power and Internet back just in time to post a heavily researched and screen-capped tome entitled: “AP Sanitizes Sebelius Racism Accusations Against GOP“.

Business end of my ass. LOL.



(IM’d Tim Russo and he thought much the same)

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Kinda hard to pass this one up. Our friend Gordo (gordon gekko), another in a long line of anonymous wingnut bloggers, posts about his recent great experience watching Kenny Loggins relive the 80s. I’m glad he had fun giving money to someone who supports Democrats:

Good show Gordo!

He does have two tickets to Eddie Money paradise. He might be on to something there I think.

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Jerome Corsi is Cracee!

On August 15, 2008 By

(Newser) – Author Jerome Corsi, he of the Kerry Swift Boat book and the new attack tome on Barack Obama, has a long history of, um, provocative theories. For instance: The world’s oil supplies are nearly infinite because oil constantly replenishes itself. Politico takes a look at some of his more outlandish claims over the years and how they’ve undermined his credibility on both the left and right. Among them:

* Muslims worship Satan.
* President Bush secretly plotted to merge the US with Canada and Mexico.
* John Kerry is a communist.
* […]

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The story about the Arkansas man who flipped out at his job at Target and proceeded to shoot and kill the Arkansas Democratic Party Chair may be yet another indication of the severe psychosis and hate filled rhetoric of the right. It’s unclear the motivation that Timothy Dale Johnson had for committing his crime, but it will be interesting to see what, if any, political motivations he may have had. I find it hard to believe there were none given who he targeted.

It sounds though, as if they guy just snapped:

Johnson’s co-worker says graffiti laced […]

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I have to agree with Steve Elmendorf, Kerry’s 2004 deputy campaign manager:

Referring to Corsi’s most recent book, Elmendorf said, “It’s on the front page of The New York Times. It’s number one on The New York Times best-seller list. Right now, I would be very aggressive with reporters and factually going through the book and responding and making it clear that this is a bunch of bullsh-t.”

Don’t NOT, under any circumstances, repeat the mistakes the Kerry camp made in not going after these lies head on. Media Matters has already done a good job of […]

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