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What’s the old axiom in politics?

When you are explaining, you’re losing

If it were me, I’d just shoot another video lampooning those who made fun of the first clip. Once you decide on a course of action (no matter how silly or potentially embarassing), embrace it! That’s the first rule that both Matt and Mark – and a great many bloggers on the right – don’t get. Of course, given the narrative of “family values” and how “profane” some lefty bloggers are, this particular skit was always gonna be extremely hard to pull off without making those […]

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Full circle in the matter of a day. Let’s run down the sequence of events, shall we?

1. Matt Hurley at WMD posts a video of his partner Mark attempting humor and failing miserably

2. I post and link to it

3. Matt pulls the post down from WMD

4. I have email exchange with Matt inquiring about the disappearance

5. Video is pulled from YouTube

6. I have email exchange with Matt inquiring about this latest development, asking if he needs my backup copy

7. I upload backup copy to YouTube and post it again

8. […]

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Matt decided to pull down the video. Probably because he and Mark were being openly mocked. What he should have known is that the interns at Plunderbund regularly archive material we think might come in handy. We have a copy. In the interest of comedy and as a public service we give you pure hilarity:

Actually, let me be more precise. First Matt pulled his post about the video off of WMD, THEN he pulled the video itself off of YouTube.

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Update 2: The video has been salvaged!

Update: Sadly, they’ve decided to pull the video. It is no longer available. But never fear! Uncle Eric is here! Details forthcoming.

Probably not the kind of pure hilarity they were aiming for, but pure hilarity still. I am so anxious for episode 2! Kinda jonesin’ already for it.

I’d comment, but I’m speechless.

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