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McCain: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

On September 29, 2008 By

You want to play the fear card? OK:

Buchanan’s quote late in this clip was first reported here at PB. He may have said it before, but as far as I know it was the first time he did. He’s obviously said it since.

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Juan Cole tells us Bush has a great deal to do with Russia even thinking it could pull this off without retribution:

The run-up to the current chaos in the Caucasus should look quite familiar: Russia acted unilaterally rather than going through the U.N. Security Council. It used massive force against a small, weak adversary. It called for regime change in a country that had defied Moscow. It championed a separatist movement as a way of asserting dominance in a region it coveted.

Indeed, despite George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s howls of outrage at Russian aggression in […]

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In case you wanted to know more about the news of Russia going to war with Georgia, Tim’s place is where to go. Nobody else in Ohio is able to talk with as much experience and authority as he. Some very good insights. This is the latest:

The only way to reverse this situation is to elect Barack Obama president. That may sound convenient for an Obama supporter, but it is plainly a fact. Because the only way American power will be restored to a point where a country like Georgia isn’t a sitting duck in Russian gunsights, is […]

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What a fucking laughingstock. How McCain garners any foreign policy cred is well beyond me:

KABUL, Afghanistan – Militants killed more U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan in June than in Iraq for the second straight month, a grim milestone capping a run of headline-grabbing insurgent attacks that analysts say underscore the Taliban’s growing strength.

Nice work fellas. Keep up the good work. Maybe send Browny over!

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You Can’t Have Him

On June 17, 2008 By

Very nice. Humanize the faceless ones who will have to do the dying in McCain’s 100 Year War:

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McCain Doesn’t Know Shiite!

On April 8, 2008 By

Once again McCain mixes up Shiites with Sunnis. How long have we been fighting this war? Maybe in 100 years he’ll get it all figured out. LOL. This is the guy with all the foreign policy chops? He did it on March 18th:

He repeated the gaffe three times in two days after the initial one. Now he’s done it again!

McCain: There are numerous threats to security in Iraq and the future of Iraq. Do you still view Al Qaeda in Iraq as a major threat?

Petraeus: It is still a major threat, though it is […]

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Support Our Troops!

On April 3, 2008 By

…with the new GI Bill. “Support Our Troops” is more than a yellow ribbon bumper sticker. Brave New Films, Vote Vets, and WesPAC are calling on John McCain to sign on as a co-sponsor to S.22, the new GI Bill of Rights. This should be one of those bi-partisan things. IF they GOP and “conservatives” aren’t lying through their teeth about supporting the troops.

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