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National: An End To Food Stamps?

Fox News is currently asking whether the federal food program for people in poverty should be eliminated because of recent data about program fraud. Creating the impression that there is widespread fraud in a federal program is the first step in a messaging war that will be waged as the right-wing prepares to introduce a budget that cuts spending on vital programs in order to pay for a diverse array of tax cuts for the billionaire class that helps keep them in office.

The Washington Post rightly notes that this $70 million in misspending represents just 0.09 […]

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End The War (on Drugs)

On February 2, 2007 By

There are a lot of similarities between the War on Drugs and the War in Iraq.

Both are unwinnable.? Both cause of increasing violence, unrest and loss of American lives.? Both cost American taxpayers billions. Both were initiated by Republican-led administrations (Nixon/Bush).?? And both continue despite pleas from knowledgeable and experienced leaders (Army Generals and Police Chiefs) in each arena.

It’s nice to finally see politicians, democrats and republicans alike, finally listening to the generals and not to the draft-dodging republican elites that got us into the war in Iraq […]

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