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During his 100 day celebration, after declaring his need to avoid “unforced errors,” Governor Kasich suggested that part of what SB 5 did was bring state government benefits more in line with the “shabby” benefits of private workers like a waitress at Bob Evans.  By bringing Ohio’s public employee union benefits, to the “shabby” benefits of minimum wage, non-union jobs like the waitress at Bob Evans saves the State money, Kasich argued.

(Source: Marc Kovac @ Ohio Capital Blog)

So, would the State of Ohio save money if it provided benefits like Bob Evans does?  No.


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Schmidt vs. Vomit

On March 19, 2007 By

So Jean Schmidt slips on a pile of puke outside of her office- getting chunks on the back of her new american flag-print dress. She immediately runs home and changes into her good-ol’ american flag-print pant suit.

Listen up, Jean: only cowards run home and change.

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