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An obvious fan of the site and Denis Leary yesterday just released this video on YouTube.  Definitely don’t have this blaring on your office computer speakers though.

I’m kind of ashamed we didn’t think of this first.

Excuse me while I mop up the coffee I just spit on my screen watching this.

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Brilliant…. absolutely brilliant.

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John Boehner is really pissed that the tanning bed tax goes into effect right away.

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Closing in on 2 million views and hands down the most impact an Ohio blogger has had on a campaign, Tim Russo’s “McCain/Palin Mob” video makes Politico’s “10 most viral videos of the campaign”. Congrats Tim and good work! Tim came in at #7:

Perhaps the best entry in a disturbing sub-genre of documentary videos descended from the 1986 “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” cult classic, this 4½-minute hatefest is like watching a full week’s worth of Hannity’s America. The best participant of all is the annoying blonde with dirty hair who keeps popping up in the frame, first to […]

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More Great Obama Videos

On February 13, 2008 By

Join the Movement (for Jill):

America Remembered:

Actually, the guy who did these videos is flying to Cbus tomorrow to help with the campaign over the next 3 weeks. Now that’s fired up!

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I Am Legend

On October 29, 2007 By

Holy crap, this looks good.

What can I say? I’m a fan of Will Smith, and of post-apocalyptic stories.

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This is awesome.

Oddo (R-S.I.) exploded in an expletive-laced tirade when he learned an attractive interviewer was an Ali G wanna-be trying to bait him into saying something stupid. The explosive encounter, which Oddo was duped into believing was a serious news interview, took place in the Councilman’s City Hall office last Thursday.

Prankster Pia Haraldsen of the Norwegian comedy show “Rikets R%F8st” was quickly cut off when she asked a few ditsy-blond questions about Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

It’s funny.

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Go look for lego driven stuff on YouTube. Might wanna wait until Sunday. There’s tons!

Real version after the break (a classic)

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YouTube Tuesdays – Monkey

On September 25, 2007 By

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this before (probably on my old blog), but I think it’s poignant, so I’m going to post it again. (What are you gonna do ’bout it, huh?)

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