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One of my favorite bands of all time, Clutch, and the video to their “Animal Farm”. Tastes just like chicken they say!

If these guys ever come anywhere near here let me know and we’ll go, k? I still got the old mosh boots. 😉

Complete lyrics after the jump…

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This is hilarious. I will not make any jokes about the Dem. Party Chair being nicknamed “The Fern”. OK. Yes I will. LOL

The Edwards camp has set up a site – – that takes jabs at Hillary’s Bush-like tendency to have softballs tossed her way. You can even submit your own question and get on their email list! Good stuff. 😉

How to Spot a Hillary Plant Fieldguide is included:

1. Questions begin with “what is your superfantastic solution to…”

2. You see folks carrying a small binder of “Safe and Approved Questions for Hillary”

3. […]

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Islamofascism Awareness Week

On October 30, 2007 By

David Horowitz spoke at Columbia University during “Islamofascism Awareness Week”.

What a tool.

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The Evolution of a Clock

On October 29, 2007 By

Some created a clever little simulation of how a smashed watch could evolve into complicated clocks without a “designer” – if clocks could breed and mutate the same as living organisms.

It’s actually quite clever, and shows why “transitional organisms” wouldn’t necessarily show up in a fossil record. Hat tip to Pharyngula, who points out that, ironically, biological clocks exist in nature. Evolution is an astonishing thing.

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Go look for lego driven stuff on YouTube. Might wanna wait until Sunday. There’s tons!

Real version after the break (a classic)

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Figured no better time really:

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Net Neutrality

On August 10, 2007 By

When corporations talk about opposing “Net Neutrality”, what they want to protect is their ability to censor. For example, AT&T webcast Lollapalooza, and decided to censor Pearl Jam for some rather innocuous political speech. Here is the web cast:

And here is what it looked like from the crowd.

Media corporations shape how we view the world. They don’t act in our best interests; they act in the best interests of the money of the people that own and control them. AT&T got caught this time for being sloppy. From Pearl Jam’s statement:

This, of course, troubles […]

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A pivotal moment?

On August 8, 2007 By

I agree with Matthews and Olbermann – this man, this moment, might well be one that changes how Americans view health care. Or more precisely, how tolerant they are of how their elected officials view health care.

For at least four years Americans have wanted universal health care by a 2 to 1 margin. Hell, even 51% of Republican voters want universal health care. And yet all Republican Presidential candidates can talk about are “tax incentives” to “encourage Americans to buy coverage”. That’s like slapping a band-aid on an arterial wound.

What kind of tax cut […]

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Bush Worried About New Threat – Watch more free videos

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Predatory lending

On August 6, 2007 By

On the heels of Jerid’s post about his mother getting a payday loan to buy him a gift, The Chief Source (along with The Keeler Report) did a little original work looking at payday loan outfits. The video is good.

And check out the loan rate table (posted on the wall, unavailable to take home from the center).

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