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Earlier this month, John Kasich talked to the media on how he’d handle a bill signing for SB 5.   Today, he violated just about everything he said.

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Last night, while sucking down as much hot Earl Gray I could to keep my voice going and trying to keep things going, I got distracted and failed to make a promised programming note during our live broadcast.

We originally announced that we planned on having the campaign manager of Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s office on last night’s primary night coverage.? However, we received word that he had a family emergency came up and we told him to, of course, not worry about us.

I promised the campaign that we’d mention why they weren’t on, and I simply plain forgot.? […]

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Hillary In The House! (Video)

On March 16, 2008 By

Funniest damned thing to come along since Naugle took a driver to a Bob Taft bobblehead.

Hillary in the house!

Hillary in the White House!

Notice how he says “we need a woman to clean it up”. Is that sexist?

It will be interesting to see if this one gets pulled. Already 78k views. No worries though. Eric has a PlunderArchive! 😉

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Malkin does “comedy”

On February 21, 2008 By

Oh god, this is terrible. I’m not even sure I should be sharing this, it’s so bad.

By squeezing a piece of musical excrement like this out into the world, I feel fairly certain that La MalKKKin is in violation of international codes governing the disposal and handling of toxic waste, and probably a few of the Geneva Conventions as well.

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Chances are we won’t see this same type of ad in Ohio given the recent flap of her being caught in a blatant lie. It was only a matter of time for her to go negative. We’ll see a hit, but I think we’ve neutralized her ability to hit on debates. 😉

(ht to Adam in comments)

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More Great Obama Videos

On February 13, 2008 By

Join the Movement (for Jill):

America Remembered:

Actually, the guy who did these videos is flying to Cbus tomorrow to help with the campaign over the next 3 weeks. Now that’s fired up!

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Jill doesn’t like the idea of “joining”. Here’s my response to this feeling of reticence to “join”. Sure you don’t ever like to just join something because all the cool kids are doing it or because someone knocks on your door and infers you might go straight to hell if you don’t.

I’d argue what Obama brings to the table is all together different. I’ve razzed Jill before about the fact that she seems a bit tone deaf to the reasons for the massive Obama support. It’s about the deep desire to see things […]

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MLK Required Viewing (Video)

On January 21, 2008 By

Simply the best speech ever written, ever delivered, ever recorded:

Do we still have dreams?

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Obama Bomaye! (video)

On January 4, 2008 By

Though not as tuned in as normal, I did manage to watch some of the Iowa caucus stuff while flipping between it and the Kansas game (rock chalk in-laws wouldn’t let me live it down if I didn’t pull for their Jayhawks). All I can say is: Obama Bomaye!

More – and better – stuff has been written about why Obama is the clear choice for Dems this presidential cycle. I’d point you here as an example. I’ve been a fan of Obama since the 2004 speech. Since his ODP State Dinner move and the resulting up close […]

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Mrs. Hughes Skewed View

On December 20, 2007 By

You know those FW:FW:FW:FW: emails you get from your favorite aunt? Deep six right? Yeah, me too. Until now. Thanks Aunt Geraldine!

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A funny overview of the Democratic ads.

There are some laugh-out-loud moments in that.

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