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Veterans Day Blogger Roundup

On November 11, 2009 By

Ohio Bloggers posting on Veteran’s Day

Plunderbund (Eric)
Plunderbund (Amber)
Buckey State Blog
De Magno Opere
Howard Empowered People
Man with the Muck Rake
ODP (which had to have taken forever)
Progress Ohio

If I left any out or any get added, let me know in comments.

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Veterans Day always sits heavy on me. Growing up a military brat, I’ve seen first hand the sacrifices that are made daily by those who serve. The big and the little sacrifices that provides for the common defense. I witnessed mostly the little things. I’ve only heard stories about the big ones. One of those stories is the experience of my wife’s grandpa.

Bob landed in Normandy 3 weeks after the invasion. One of the first things he witnessed was an American GI who had been run over by a tank and killed. A quick introduction to the atrocities of […]

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