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Mandel vs. Coughlin vs. Blackwell.

This is already shaping up to be more brutal than the Brunner vs. Fisher primary ever really got.

“Kevin Coughlin, Josh Mandel, and Ken Blackwell are finding it’s much easier to take shots at each other than to explain their positions on dangerous schemes that undermine middle class Ohioans and dismantle Medicare,” said Ohio Democratic Party press secretary Justin Barasky. “Now D.C. Republicans are forced to look at Ohio and shake their heads as they find themselves with a slate of candidates engaging in an uncomfortable primary fight that they were hoping to […]

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Today, Wentzel Strategies, a pollster that has a rather unproven track record in Ohio (although did predict that Gibbs was a formable opponent to Zach Space last year) shows a mixed bag for the ‘12 re-election prospects for Sherrod Brown.

In head-t0-head matchups against Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, State Treasurer Josh Mandel, and ‘06 GOP gubernatorial nominee/former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell,  Brown is easily ahead by a thirteen to fifteen point margin, depending on the GOP opponent.  Brown polls right at the magical 50% mark, while the GOP candidate polls in the mid thirties.

Wentzel further shows that […]

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How radioactive is SB 5?  It’s so radioactive that Josh Mandel feels more comfortable putting himself at the right of the Ohio Right-to-Life in endorsing HB 125, the so-called “heartbeat” abortion ban bill, even though he’s taken no public stand on SB 5.  Mandel has all but announced that he is the likely GOP candidate to take on Sherrod Brown’s Senate seat next year reveals as his first public policy as a candidate a bill so extreme on abortion that the Ohio Right to Life says they cannot endorse it because it is so patently unconstitutional.

This shows you what […]

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The question is, though, is this an issue that will motivate voters?  I mean those of us who already dislike Mandel will seize on this, and the fact that he’s running for higher office before serving three months in the position he was just elected, as a reason to continue to dislike Mandel.  But does this “promise” breaking cost Mandel with any of his supporters?  Or with Independents?

I think a more effective knock against Mandel is here’s a guy who will say anything to win (even if that requires him to do a 180 on gay rights, for […]

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I admit that nothing would make me happier to see the headline next year: “Ken Blackwell to face Sherrod Brown in November.”  And I hate to be a wet blanket, but it isn’t going to happen unless Blackwell is the only decent candidate to run for the GOP nomination.

Ken Blackwell announcing a Senate bid isn’t likely to dissuade rivals from not running.  Quite the opposite.  Let’s review the problems Blackwell faces:

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Well, Kevin Coughlin’s campaign website has been updated.  It’s now saying Kevin Couglin, Office.

Is he looking to replace Michael Scott on “The Office?”  Because Will Ferrell already got that gig.

Nothing says, I’m totally excited about this race… whatever office I’m running for than [CANDIDATE NAME] [OFFICE].

I’m sure the recent update has nothing to do with his pimping of this blog post on the conservative website RedState pimping him as a potential challenger to Sherrod Brown next year.

Which, I’m sure, had nothing to do with the mysterious press release in which former Tea […]

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This morning, we got more data from the latest Quinnpiac Poll.  And to discuss what is going on in Ohio that has led to John Kasich’s poor poll numbers last night on Rachel Maddow was the most popular officeholder in Ohio, Sherrod Brown.

Brown has a 43% approval/27% disapproval rating.  Against an unnamed GOP opponent, Brown wins 45% to 29%.  Voter also feel just about the same when asked if Brown deserves to be re-elected or not.  Just as with PPP, Brown now has an advantage with Independents.

Brown has a better approval rating than freshman […]

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Meanwhile, in D.C….

On March 22, 2011 By

We’ve been focused on events in Columbus lately, because honestly, that’s where the news has been. That doesn’t mean the Ohio delegation in Washington should think we’ve lost interest. You might ask, well, what have they been up to? Did a Republican really call Tea Party Conservatives “knuckle draggers?” Did somebody really push for expanding nuclear power on the very day the earthquake struck Japan? Did Jean Schmidt show the briefest flash of sanity? Can you really find one main point and two supporting links for each and every one of them? Well…

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Public Policy Polling, a Democratic, but well respected polling organization, today released additional numbers from their Ohio poll.  Their last poll in December showed freshman Senator Sherrod Brown in potentially deep trouble, running virtually neck and neck with a cast of potential challengers.

Brown, who in December was polling at 40%-43% given the GOP challenger, is now polling at the more comfortable 48%-49% range.  In addition, instead of the tied to eight point lead against the tested GOP challengers, Brown now sits on a comfortable and consistent fifteen to nineteen point lead.

The biggest casualty for […]

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(HT: Think Progress)

We can’t let John Kasich take our attention away from what’s going in Washington.  Right now, TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) and Health Care Tax Credit is set to expire.  Boehner had to pull it from the House floor from consideration when his caucus was unable to deliver supermajority vote for quick passage under the House rules.  (That makes for three floor votes the House majority mysteriously lost.)

The gentleman at the beginning of the bill was Wyoming Senator John Barrasso (R) who objected to all three attempts by Sherrod to get an extension […]

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Multiple national media outlets are reporting tonight that Independent Connecticut U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman (file picture above) will announce his plans to retire from the U.S. Senate tomorrow.  This, of course, has nothing to do with public polling indicating that Sen. Lieberman likely could not be re-elected if he ran as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent.

One of Lieberman’s final legacy will being the point person for the Obama Administration in the U.S. Senate in getting the repeal of DADT passed during the lame duck session of the last Congress.

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