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Meet Republican State Senator Bob Gibbs.  He’s running against Congressman Zach Space because the last Republican Space crushed decided he really didn’t want to go through with a recount to win the nomination for “token GOPer to get beat by Space.”

So, Gibbs got the honor.  Not a single pundit.  Not one.  Has listed this race as a race likely to flip.  It hasn’t made it on the Top 50 of anyone’s radar screen.

So what does the NRCC do?  They call Gibbs a “Young Gun.”

After the last reporting FEC reporting deadline, Gibbs was facing […]

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AUDIENCE MEMBER: Assuming it’s accurate that Republicans will get the House, how effective will that be in throwing a monkey wrench in the gears of everything Obama does?

JORDAN: If we win, what will we get done? Mostly, I’ll be honest, most of what we can get done is have the big fight, have the big debate, and have the framework for the 2012 election.

From Rob Portman, through the Congressional campaigns, even down to John Kasich the Republicans are completely unable to offer a philosophy of governance.  They simply want to win in November […]

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Last week, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt announced she was creating a legal trust fund… to pay for her libel suit against former ‘08 Independent opponent David Krikorian (who ran, but lost, in the Democratic primary this year.)

Schmidt announced the trust fund after questions were being raised about who was paying her lawyers, who actually are from a Turkish special interest group… which is rather unusual in that it’s Schmidt’s unusually high level of Turkish fundraising and opposition to recognizing the Armenian genocide (not exactly a barn burner of an issue back home in the Second District, and yet, […]

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I swear to God, I couldn’t make up something this outrageous if I tried.  The Columbus Dispatch notes that while Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy was at the White House to witness the President’s signing the historic Wall Street reform bill into law that she helped to shape, her opponent, Steve Stivers, former bank lobbyist, was in D.C. hosting a fundraiser with the reform bill’s opponents:

Stivers, who has been critical of the bill, held a fundraiser in Washington this afternoon with lobbyists for the financial industry, which has opposed many of the reform measures. Suggested contributions ranged […]

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Gallup’s latest generic congressional ballot was released this morning.  Just look at that graph.  Support for the Democratic candidate has never been higher, while support for the Republicans has not been lower since Gallup started tracking in March.

The reason?

[I]ndependents are primarily responsible for Democrats’ improved positioning. Thirty-nine percent of independents favor the Democratic candidate in their district, up from 34% — although slightly more, 43%, still favor the Republican.

According to a USA Today/Gallup poll in June, 55% of Americans were in favor of legislation expanding government regulation […]

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Seriously, how can a campaign say this to the Plain Dealer:

"A proven job creator, Mr. Ganley knows the ins and outs of balanced budgets and understands that more government spending isn’t the solution to our economic woes," Snyder said in an emailed statement.

After praising the success of his opponent’s “Cash for Clunkers” program that generated him nearly 1,000 auto sales?

I miss the owl.

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Happy FEC Filing Day!

On July 15, 2010 By

So today we get to see at least the financial health of the targeted Congressional races in Ohio.  Check back as we’ll update as the evening progresses:

OH-01:  In his rematch against former Congressman Steve Chabot, Driehaus reported raising $230k with $973k on hand.  That’s nearly $1 million on hand.  Wow.

Chabot raised roughly $306k on hand and has a little over a $1 million on hand.  Very, very competitive race financially.  The more I think about this race, though, the more I like Driehaus’ chances.  I think the voters here were sending a message two years ago:  They […]

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Some conservatives, and the campaign itself, is crowing about GOP challenger Jim Renacci’s FEC report he filed several days early.  Except, underneath the press releases is a FEC report that has alot of smoke and mirrors.

Roughly one-third of the campaign’s “individual” donations came from the candidate himself… on the last few days of the reporting period.  Rennaci donated $200,000 to his own campaign using the fortune he’s made selling Cash for Clunker calls and running and selling nursing homes dependent on federal entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.  This, we are told, makes him an ideal candidate for […]

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The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog disclosed that apparently the Dispatch (wisely) has a policy about not writing about internal campaign polls because they are not (really?) inherently reliable. 

This, of course, didn’t stop Congressman Tiberi’s campaign from trying really, really, really hard yesterday to let you know just how awesome his campaign pollster said he is.

The Dispatch notes that Brooks internally campaign polling does show Tiberi ahead, but with a much smaller lead, but within striking distance.  Although I haven’t seen the numbers, my gut tells me Brooks’ poll is probably more accurate.  Brooks […]

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Judging by the sudden Twitter chatter on the right, the Tiberi campaign really wants to try to downplay the fight he has on his hands against Franklin County Commissioner Paula Brooks.

Because why else would you see so much high-fiving over an internal campaign poll done by a highly disregarded pollster?

The National Journal’s Hotline On Call Blog reported the Tiberi campaign’s press release on the poll that was magically simultaneously picked up by just about every conservative twitter account in Ohio.  Again, these guys really couldn’t be more transparent.

The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, shows […]

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So, in order to deflect from John Boehner crying over the evil Democrats’ plan to regulate the helpless ant in Washington that is the major Wall Street financial industries, bank lobbyist Steve Stivers attacked Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy over comments that Speaker Pelosi made about GOP efforts to filibuster unemployment extension.

The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing covers the Stivers attack, the Kilroy counter-attack, followed by the Stivers surrender.

Here’s the Stivers attack:

The Stivers campaign called on Kilroy, D-Columbus, to defend or disavow comments by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., that unemployment checks are the […]

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