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From an e-mailed statement from the Ohio Democratic Party on behalf of ODP Chairman Chris Redfern:

“The news in recent days is a truly sad chapter in Ohio politics.

“First, we find out that Inspector General Tom Charles is being rewarded with a cabinet appointment in the Kasich Administration for his partisan efforts to damage Governor Strickland’s re-election. Then, State Sen. Tim Grendell admits that his dog-and-pony show confirmation hearings were pure politics and intended to help Gov.-elect John Kasich’s campaign.

“These developments are a further demonstration of what we already knew: the so-called ‘Troopergate’ investigation was a politically motivated […]

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Apparently, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine had the State’s Central Committee pass some sort of resolution condemning State Senator Tim Grendell’s (R-Chesterland) decision to forgo taking the House seat he won this November and instead staying for the remainder of his Senate term.

(Image Source: The Pullins Report)

Here’s a copy of Grendell’s letter to Chairman DeWine protesting that decision:

12-13-10 Kevin DeWine Letter

Note this on page 2: […]

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Former John Kasich staffer, current and lifelong suckling on the government teat, Homeland Security consultant and Carpetblogger (R-VA), Jon Keeling, officially puts the final shovel of dirt onto the sorry grave of his party’s lie-filled manufactured scandella of concocted Escher drawing proportions.  Must have been tough to see that even the RGA sold the whole filthy pile of dung down the river.  You can almost hear the tears dripping onto Keeling’s keyboard.

As pathetically repulsive as this particular behavioral pattern of Republicanism has become, you have to kind of, almost, sorta respect the total Republican commitment to verifiable, […]

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So-called “Troopergate” dominoes keep falling. The Dispatch has a post indicating Ohio House Speaker Armand Budish has come out in support of Ohio Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor, who was a target of what is now a discredited investigation by Ohio Inspector General Thomas Charles. According to The Columbus Dispatch, Budish says:

Based on what I have seen, I don?t know a reason why she shouldn?t be confirmed.

This follows on the heels of a vote of confidence from the Ohio F.O.P., who also openly criticized Thomas Charles.


Ron O’brien is “ruminating whether criminal charges are […]

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This “Troopergate” horseshit is rapidly becoming clearer.? Like you, dear readers, I’ve been wondering what this byzantine obsession of the right wingnutosphere has been, why they’re obsessed, and what could possibly have gotten them so agitated that they spend their days ejaculating all over their keyboards about the latest ins and outs of something less clear to the casual observer than derivative reform.? Well, want the quick and dirty?? Here it is.

This is a sorry, sad old man, Tom Charles, nursing a grudge about his wife’s non-promotion, on a resentful, pathetic vendetta against civilian control of the highway patrol, […]

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Now that I’m coming around to giving a shit about this story, a quote from OIG Tom Charles caught my eye.? When asked about his rather blatant conflict of interest – namely, investigating someone who recently gave a promotion to someone not his wife? – Charles admits the conflict, then claims he dispensed with the conflict before he issued his report, a report which he claims he had nothing to do with at all.

?I stayed as far away from it as I could just for those reasons,? Charles said. ?I read it and signed it, that?s all true. […]

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Ok, let’s talk Troopergate.? I know, I know, no one gives a flying fuck.? It’s hard to care about the latest twisted manufactured outrage the rat’s nest of Ohio’s rightwingnutosphere is seized with from day to day.? I know.

But it’s starting to look like Ohio Inspector General Tom Charles, a giant of Ohio politics, an Ohio lawman whose integrity has never been questioned, a near-institution who both Republican and Democratic administrations have genuflected to for decades, yes, that Tom Charles, is about to….how to put this…..explode in a giant supernova.? How fun!

And that means all your favorite […]

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Welcome to the bizzaro world that is Sarah Palin for VP:

Gov. Sarah Palin wants a state board to review the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan — taking the unusual step of making an ethics complaint against herself.

Her lawyer sent an “ethics disclosure” Monday night to Attorney General Talis Colberg. The governor asked that it go to the three-person Personnel Board as a complaint. While ethics complaints are usually confidential, Palin wants the matter open.

The lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, also asked the state legislature to drop its own investigation into the […]

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Beware TrooperGate!

On August 30, 2008 By

This could be fun. This is a pretty good overview of the trouble Sarah Palin may be in up in Alaska. Trouble that could indeed derail her as a VP candidate. If John McCain only ever met her once and talked to her on the phone once before picking her as his running mate, what are the chances they’ve fully vetted this matter?

It could get ugly:

John McCain’s choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential candidate is somewhat baffling given that Palin is currently the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Alaska state Legislature […]

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