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If Josh Mandel’s math skills were anywhere close to his political ambition or self-promotion skills, he’d be a really good State Treasurer. Three months on the job and already plotting his next political campaign promotion to the United States Senate, and Josh Mandel can’t name a single noteworthy achievement in office… so, he’s taking credit for what Kasich is doing instead, with one exception.

Mandel still refuses to say publicly what his stance is on Kasich’s SB 5 or Paul Ryan’s “Let’s get rid of Medicare and throw the seniors to the private insurers” plan. Some Senate candidate.

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Josh Mandel couldn’t tell the truth if it could win him an election.

On Friday, he claimed that his campaign was “pulling” their controversial Islamophobic ad.  It turned out it ran all this weekend as planned.  The campaign just simply tried to shoot for positive spin on it for the Sunday opinion columns for “doing the right thing" when, in fact, the campaign did everything according to their plans.

Then Tim posted about how a mailer, with the exact same message, was received on Saturday.  Despite a week of widespread condemnation for an attack Mandel has been using all year.


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Look, the only reason to add the gratuitous word “mosque” in an email to Mandel’s conservative base is to stoke anti-Islamic hysteria.  It’s not a relevant detail otherwise.

Second, it is insulting for Mandel to suggest that there are no “qualified financial professionals” who attend a mosque.

So, I have to disagree with Joseph who gave Mandel the benefit of the doubt today.  Mandel’s ad was not a one-time dog whistle to Islamaphobia.  It’s been part of his campaign messaging for some time.  As Hallett noted in his article, not only was it used in this […]

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What is the Ohio Republican Party and Josh Mandel’s campaign thinking?  Are they insane?

The Ohio Democratic Party couldn’t believe the gift that Josh Mandel gave it and State Treasurer Kevin Boyce a golden gift.  And that gift is Mandel attending a fundraiser with disgraced former State Treasurer Joe Deters.

Deters was the GOP’s Marc Dann before 2006.  As the press release from ODP details, Deters left Columbus in a cloud:

Deters’ Chief of Staff was convicted of “giving preferential treatment to some investment brokers who do business with the treasurer’s office.” [Dayton Daily News, 9/14/04]

• Deters’ […]

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Yesterday, the Buckeye Firearms Association announced that they were endorsing Jon Husted for Secretary of State and announced today an endorsement for Josh Mandel for State Treasurer.  Amazingly, not a single conservative blog in Ohio, let alone a media outlet, has reported this yet.

Mandel’s campaign hasn’t even mentioned the endorsement on its website or Twitter, but Husted has it listed on his campaign website and Twitter.

In its endorsement, the Buckeye Firearms Association compared former House Speaker Husted’s quick vote (within three hours) to override then-Governor Bob Taft’s veto of bill that ultimately created the […]

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Back in April, the Ohio Democratic Party noted a few highly questionable donors giving money to Republican State Treasurer candidate Josh Mandel.  One of those donors was Roger Hertog who, the Ohio Democratic Party, had quite the business resume:

Roger Hertog, Vice Chairman of Alliance Capital Management, contributed $11,300 to Mandel. [Ohio Secretary of State, Campaign Finance, Accessed 4/13/10; contributions made 7/28/09 and 09/21/09] Hertog was in “hot water” over Alliance Capital Management’s loss of $335 million in Florida’s state pension funds [Washington Monthly, 3/1/02] Company settled with State of New York for $600 million for abusive trade […]

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You know, I used to think that “Scoop” Keeling was just a Kasich hack, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s just an idiot.

Today, Keeling joined Matt Naugle in pushing the latest Josh Mandel press release against State Treasurer Kevin Boyce.? In this latest installment of “I really don’t know anything about the office I seek”, Mandel alleges that Boyce is holding up state banking contracts as a way to raise more money for his campaign.

Except that both Mandel, Naugle, and Keeling ignore the fact that the decision to delay the awarding the contracts […]

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In the ol’ mailbag yesterday:

Just months after beginning his inventory of underused state properties, Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray joined Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman and City Council members to cross a significant site off the list and help bring nearly $200,000 dollars into state coffers.

A 12.9-acre parcel on the west side of Columbus, identified through Cordray?s inventory, will be used by the City of Columbus for a new $8 million Division of Police heliport. The sale was authorized in the state?s budget bill and Columbus City Council approved the $194,955 on July 9, 2007.

Good […]

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Cordray Checks In

On March 6, 2007 By

Come on, Rich… if you want people to remember your name, maybe you can add it to the highway signs?

Welcome to Ohio
Richard Cordray, Treasurer

Or maybe you could just try to be really good at your current job before you start running for something better.


Treasurer aims to take state’s due personally
Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Mark NaymikPlain Dealer Politics Writer

Writing a check to the state treasurer?

Better make it personal.

As head of arguably the least-glamorous statewide office, Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray wants to see his […]

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