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We can’t let John Kasich take our attention away from what’s going in Washington.  Right now, TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) and Health Care Tax Credit is set to expire.  Boehner had to pull it from the House floor from consideration when his caucus was unable to deliver supermajority vote for quick passage under the House rules.  (That makes for three floor votes the House majority mysteriously lost.)

The gentleman at the beginning of the bill was Wyoming Senator John Barrasso (R) who objected to all three attempts by Sherrod to get an extension […]

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I am more than a little surprised that Kasich’s statement that “We didn’t lose jobs to China” in last week’s debate has not gotten more attention.

If for any other reason, it was the first time Kasich attempted to be a free trade apologist.  Either that or his head is in the sand.  Either way, such an event is worth noting.

Until that moment, John Kasich has been an unapologetic advocate for free trade.  The difference between the two could not be clearer, nor can how Kasich’s free trade record in Congress has hurt Ohio now:

Ohio lost 49,886 […]

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Wow. That was pretty fast. It’s almost like they had these arguments laying around somewhere. 😉 They just didn’t expect the Kasich campaign and RGA to make them FIRST! A response to this morning’s RGA ad from the Strickland folks is up and it is going to make Republicans real sorry they decided to go after TRADE to attack Ted. Real sorry:

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Seriously, the Republican Governors Association is engaged in that tired, cliche GOP tactic of false equivalencies.

This is an incredibly dumb ad for the RGA to run.

Incredibly dumb.

In making this ad, the RGA is conceding that support for policies that lead to outsourcing are wrong… from a Republican perspective.  That means the tax law changes that Senate candidate Rob Portman supported, the “free trade” deals that he pushed through Congress, and the repeated trade deals he and Kasich supported in Congress, like NAFTA, are “job killers.”

Don’t believe me, just ask the RGA!  It’s in their AD!

The […]

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Apparently, Jon Keeling and Kasich’s “Tweetleaders for Failure” believes that one outsourced low wage call center that was used to administer a program that saved hundreds, if not thousands, of high paying Whirlpool and other appliance manufacturing jobs in Ohio equals Strickland to Kasich’s record on outsourcing.

Seriously?  You want to throw down on that?

I’ll take that fight.



Kasich voted, willingly, for trade deals with China that are estimated to have cost Ohio 90,000 jobs.   Ted Strickland voted no, saying it would cost Ohio jobs.

John Kasich voted, intentionally, for the […]

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China Cheats and We Lose Jobs

On November 19, 2009 By

I had to skip my second night with the Palin book to attend (and work at) a town hall meeting in Baltimore about U.S. manufacturing policy, or rather, the need for a U.S. manufacturing policy.

I’ve been working on this issue for a while but I finally understood more about why U.S. manufacturing has declined so significantly. I always understood that China was part of the problem, but I just assumed it was because they were winning in the market place: they could make and sell products more cheaply than we could. I thought this was only because they paid […]

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…and they’ll probably buy it hook line and sinker. This ad looks and sounds great.

But like so many other Hillary strategies, the finger that she is trying to point is actually toward a mirror that reflects right back at her. Those jobs lost when Magnaquench moved to China? Happened on hubby Bill’s watch:

In the ad, the candidate notes that President Bush could have stopped the shutdown, but didn’t. Ironically, the initial sale of Magnaquench — to a group of investors that included two Chinese companies — occurred in 1995, when the president was Sen. […]

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