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Tuesday’s election results send a very clear signal that voters are not interested in electing extremist candidates who are hostile to women. And, as Rachel Maddow tallies it, all nine members of what she’s endearingly called the “rape caucus” lost their races.

In a year that was dominated by the politics of contraception and abortion, women sided with Democratic candidates who held that such choices should be left to a woman and her doctor. Obama won by 11 points among women while he lost by 7 among men — an 18 point gender gap that far exceeds the […]

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Building a Better Ohio spokesman Jason Mauk finally issued a response on behalf of the campaign on their misappropriation of Cincinnati great-grandmother Marelene Quinn, who has politely asked the campaign to cease and desist their use of her in their ad since it creates the impression that she supports Issue 2, when the footage was taken from a We Are Ohio ad where she supports defeat of Issue 2.

In short, Mauk told the great-grandmother from Cincinnati to go jump in the Ohio River:

"We’re certainly not taking the ad down," Mauk said. "We absolutely stand by it and our […]

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The second ad from We Are Ohio that largely focuses on our Senate staffer raises story:

The ad very carefully uses the phrase “exploits” a loophole.  But what the ad omits is that the loophole they refer to is one that was not created by SB 5, and thus, will still exist if Issue 2 fails.  For your convenience, here’s a copy of the relevant portion of SB 5 referenced in the bill (revising R.C. 124.14(B):

But as shown from this provision of SB 5, this loophole existed before SB 5 was […]

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Why does Governor Kasich support parts of the President’s American Jobs Act? Simple. It takes the pain away from his budget and makes it easier for him to pass even more tax cuts as the federal and local governments are left to cover more and more of the costs of government in Ohio. Also, let’s face it, Kasich needs to do something to appear to be more centric than he’s shown the past seven months.

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It is better to remain silent and suffer that people might think you a fool than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Senate President Niehaus should really just stop talking because he keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole on the retroactive raises and how it reflects why Issue 2 is just bad policy.  Niehaus’ latest spin in today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer is that these raises actually are entirely consistent with the values embodied in Issue 2.  So that I can’t be accused of misrepresenting him, here’s what the Plain Dealer reported Niehaus said:


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Plunderbund research reveals that GOP Senate President Tom Niehaus, leader of the brain trust behind a bill to strip benefits from rank and file public employees, and champion of a budget that makes painful cuts to nearly every program in the state, has now committed the ultimate act of hypocrisy.

Let’s remember, the Senate GOP is responsible for passing a state budget that steals hundreds of millions of dollars from local governments, redirecting it to the state’s piggybank – a move that forced mayors, county commissioners and township trustees statewide to decide between cutting vital services like police and fire, […]

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Senate President Tom Niehaus was on Fox News to discuss the Tea Party’s proposed state constitutional amendment to ban individual health insurance mandates at the local, State, and federal level (and yet, the State of Ohio would still be able to mandate that all Ohioans carry auto insurance if they wish to drive on a public road in Ohio.)

According to a transcript from Fox News, host Bill Hemmer asked Niehaus to respond to “critics” of the bill who suggests that the proposed amendment is, itself, unconstitutional as it violates the U.S. Constitution’s supremacy clause.  That’s when things went a little […]

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Bill Seitz is a conservative State Senator.  He’s a member of ALEC.  He’s the reason Ohio’s constitution bans the legal recognition of same-sex relationships as marriage, even in cases where houses of worship in Ohio do.  And Bill Seitz suddenly finds himself too moderate for the Senate Republican Caucus.

Here’s something else you probably don’t know about Bill Seitz.  While in Columbus, he shares a place with Senate President Tom Niehaus (R-New Richmond), who’s district neighbors Seitz’s.  Seitz, you recall, was removed from the Senate Commerce, Insurance & Labor Committee to ensure enough votes to pass SB 5 out of […]

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