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Last week’s rollout of Inspector General Thomas Charles as Kasich’s Director of Public Safety and John Born as the head of the Ohio Highway Patrol was supposed to go very differently than it did.

Right up until the press gaggle afterwards, the Kasich transition team was selling these appointments, incredibly, as a sign of Kasich getting politics “out” of both agencies.  But enough of the Ohio Statehouse media was aware enough about what was really going on to take that story somewhat incredulously given the documented rather “unusual” things Charles had done as I.G. as it related to trying to […]

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Tom Charles has gotten everything he’s ever wanted for John Kasich after giving the Republicans an error-ridden investigation they could use to falsely accuse the Strickland Administration of perjury and obstruction of justice, charges so ridiculous a Republican county prosecutor declared (but only after the election) there was “insufficient” evidence to pursue.

According to the Tweet feed of WOSU/NPR’s Columbus bureau Jo Ingles, today Kasich not only announced that he was appointing Tom Charles as the head of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, but that he’d also appoint John Born as the Superintendent of the Ohio Highway Patrol.

[blackbirdpie […]

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Back in March, during the height of the so-called “Tobacco-gate” hysteria, the Ohio Inspector General announced indictments in Brown County of several Franklin County ODNR employees alleging that those employees decision to handle a personnel administratively, but without a criminal referral, constituted felony obstructing of justice and complicity to felony tampering of records.

The indictments were announced with much fanfare and were viewed as a veiled threat and “shot across the bow” to the Ohio Department of Public Safety which was embroiled in a very public fight over the Superintendant of the Highway Patrol’s decision of what the […]

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This “Troopergate” horseshit is rapidly becoming clearer.? Like you, dear readers, I’ve been wondering what this byzantine obsession of the right wingnutosphere has been, why they’re obsessed, and what could possibly have gotten them so agitated that they spend their days ejaculating all over their keyboards about the latest ins and outs of something less clear to the casual observer than derivative reform.? Well, want the quick and dirty?? Here it is.

This is a sorry, sad old man, Tom Charles, nursing a grudge about his wife’s non-promotion, on a resentful, pathetic vendetta against civilian control of the highway patrol, […]

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Now that I’m coming around to giving a shit about this story, a quote from OIG Tom Charles caught my eye.? When asked about his rather blatant conflict of interest – namely, investigating someone who recently gave a promotion to someone not his wife? – Charles admits the conflict, then claims he dispensed with the conflict before he issued his report, a report which he claims he had nothing to do with at all.

?I stayed as far away from it as I could just for those reasons,? Charles said. ?I read it and signed it, that?s all true. […]

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Ok, let’s talk Troopergate.? I know, I know, no one gives a flying fuck.? It’s hard to care about the latest twisted manufactured outrage the rat’s nest of Ohio’s rightwingnutosphere is seized with from day to day.? I know.

But it’s starting to look like Ohio Inspector General Tom Charles, a giant of Ohio politics, an Ohio lawman whose integrity has never been questioned, a near-institution who both Republican and Democratic administrations have genuflected to for decades, yes, that Tom Charles, is about to….how to put this…..explode in a giant supernova.? How fun!

And that means all your favorite […]

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