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Will Tim continue to be a darling of the ‘sphere after this one? It would seem to strain that relationship.

Youngstown ? Congressman Tim Ryan today endorsed Lt. Governor Lee Fisher for U.S. Senate, citing his leadership in standing up for the hardworking families of Ohio. Congressman Ryan has represented Ohio?s 17th Congressional district, including most of the Mahoning Valley, since 2003.

Maybe Tim is officially part of the club now and no longer the young upstart challenger he once was. What’s the saying? Tim Ryan has.

Update: Of course if you haven’t figured out the reason for the […]

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Who the Hell is Tim Niles?

On March 1, 2009 By

From the front page of the Columbus Dispatch’s Insight section:

Who the hell is Tim Niles? LOL. Whoops.

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Last month Rep. Tim Ryan threw his support behind Hillary Clinton.

But it looks like he might be changing his mind.

This morning, while discussing the results of yesterday’s primary elections, Ryan told CQ’s David Nather:

“I don’t know if the fat lady has sung yet, but she’s clearing her throat”

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Only complaint on this one is you don’t call your shit viral. If it’s viral, it’ll go viral. The good Congressman knows this. He’s a viral video rock star. Just do your thing and we’ll take care of the viral. 😉

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(ht Jill at WLST)

$21 to live on for a week. Check out the blog for the items he was able to get and a copy of the receipt. The thing I think we can get out of this is to be able to mentally put ourselves in others shoes in order to understand the challenges they face and come up with solutions based on that understanding. Too often we just consider our positions and don’t stop to consider that everyone is not like us, yet in the end they are us.

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Tim Ryan in Columbus Saturday

On April 27, 2007 By

via PO who is hosting:

COLUMBUS ? U.S. Representative Tim Ryan will meet with Central Ohio Catholic leaders Saturday at the offices of, 265 S. 3rd Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. He will hold a press availability at 11:30 a.m.

Rep. Ryan and other Catholic leaders at a Columbus Town Hall meeting on strategies to end the war in Iraq. The group will discuss how to mobilize Catholics around the state and encourage them to contact their congressional representatives and make their anti-war views known.

In Columbus, Eric McFadden, director of the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, […]

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