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We noticed something curious on the Ohio Democratic Party dinner program Saturday night.  Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald was listed as a sponsor of the event, the only elected official listed at the event.

And to add to the subtlty of a County Executive’s sudden interest in making an impression on Democratic activists at the State Convention and Dinner, FitzGerald had folks handing out flier inviting attendees to an after-dinner event for him nearby.  We literally could not walk out of the convention hall without more than one person offering it to us.

Ted Strickland was unable to attend due […]

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You could call it the Battle of the Ryans.

Yesterday, Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) delivered a blistering speech against House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) on the Chairman’s proposal to replace Medicare with private health insurance with vouchers (“premium support.”)

Later that same night, voter in the 26th District of New York held a special election to replace Republican Congressman Chris Lee who resigned after being found soliciting dates on Craigslist while still married to his wife.

This is a district that is considered solidly Republican.  The Republicans recruited a top notch candidate in State Assemblywoman […]

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Gotta hand it to Ed. Most shows just grab stuff and never mention where they found it or how they found out about it. While it is just embeddable YouTube stuff, it’s good form to hat tip sources that supply you with good material to run your TV show, your blog, or your Facebook page. Thanks Ed for the mention!

The hat tip:

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You may remember in our interview last week with Congressman Ryan, I asked when we’d see another “fiery Tim Ryan floor speech”.  Well.  My man has answered the call:

Love me some Tim Ryan!

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This one goes out to Tim Ryan

On September 4, 2010 By

Probably my last blog post before the election Tuesday.

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Well, let’s see. This is awesome? Tim Ryan called. He wants his outrage back.

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After filing his petitions in the 17th District, Traficant said he was going to to the Columbiana County Board of Elections at about noon.

When asked if he was also going to file petitions to run in the 6th Congressional District as an independent, he said, ?You never know with me. I might run in West Virginia.?

One thing I really love about Traficant is his ability to make these media idiots jump around on cue.? And here’s the best comment in the thread so far.


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Because this idea worked out so well for Jim last time.? Guess I won’t be getting that Tim Ryan endorsement for my September 7 primary!

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Tim Ryan beat him a week later by 17 points.? After the DCCC poured money into the race.? After being outspent 10-1. ? That’s all I have to say about today’s Quinny poll.

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So, the President of GM North America was in town today to announce that later this year GM will add a third shift at its Lordstown plant.  The move will add 1,200 new jobs, with a third of those going to former laid off workers at the plant.  It’ll generate $47 million in new payroll, $470k in local income taxes and $1.4 million in state income taxes.

?Adding a third shift to build Cruze is an investment with impact far beyond General Motors. It?s an investment in the long-term value of Lordstown and the prosperity of Ohio,? said […]

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So Jim Traficant held a press conference today. ?Yippee. ?And he’s circulating petitions to decide, based on the “response”, what Congressional district to run in, either Tim Ryan’s 17th, or Charlie Wilson’s 6th, and on which party ticket.

Newsflash to the brainless media. ?It takes 50 signatures to run in a primary for Congress, you might wanna report that in your stories. ?That means it takes Jim Traficant about one day to gauge whatever “response” he’s gonna get. ?Running for US Senate requires 1,000 signatures from across the state, which Jim Traficant cannot get in his dreams. ?Which means […]

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