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For a live chat with co-blogger/Democratic candidate for the 7th Cuyahoga County Council District for primary election night coverage.

We’ll probably know the answer before then.  But feel free to wish Tim well in the final 24-hours of his primary campaign.

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Wonder if his campaign has hit its stride yet?

14 days to go, Tim….

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Run Russo Run!

On December 16, 2009 By

Should Tim Russo run for Cuyahoga County Council District 7?

The verdict is in:

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Yes. That’s right. Tim won’t talk about it even though he talks about everything else Lebron related including his seemingly inexplicable silence on the WTAM Beck/Limbaugh catastrophe or why he and Shaq should buy The Lancer.

Somehow this one slipped him by:

At the mere mention of John Wall’s name, LeBron James’ eyes soften as he tries to swallow a knowing smile.

“Yeah, I have a relationship with him,” James said. “A really good relationship. With not only John, but his family. We talk all the time.”

The Great Wall of Kentucky. See greatness. Know […]

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Bring your best altar boy to this smack down. You’re gonna need it:

In their Book, Mary Magdalene was the prostitute who Jesus allowed to see him risen first, and were these people to be alive at her passing, they would have remembered her sex life, only. In the Book which they wave with self righteous piety, Peter betrayed their Messiah three times before Jesus gave him the keys to his church, and at Peter?s passing, they would have only remembered how many times the cock crowed. In their Book, a thief hanging on a cross next to their […]

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Just so you know for sure there is no real rhyme or reason for how YouTube videos take off and get picked up, Tim’s video of over a month ago doubled views today thanks to mentions in Huffington Post and The Rachel Maddow Show tonight. It appears Tim has hit upon yet another meta theme that is catching on.

Again, seriously good work.

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Tim Russo of BloggerInterrupted does it again. His now world famous Sarah Palin Mob is a blog/YouTube classic and was a 2008 Presidential campaign narrative changer.

This time Tim, whose mastery of giving the opposition enough video rope to hang themselves is unequaled, catches Cleveland’s “Tea Party” protesters in all their glory. They don’t call Barack Obama a terrorist, they call President Barack Obama Un-American. Literally. As in he was not born in this country and is not really the President.


You not.

One quick observation here. Aren’t conservatives and Republicans the ones who make […]

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Closing in on 2 million views and hands down the most impact an Ohio blogger has had on a campaign, Tim Russo’s “McCain/Palin Mob” video makes Politico’s “10 most viral videos of the campaign”. Congrats Tim and good work! Tim came in at #7:

Perhaps the best entry in a disturbing sub-genre of documentary videos descended from the 1986 “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” cult classic, this 4½-minute hatefest is like watching a full week’s worth of Hannity’s America. The best participant of all is the annoying blonde with dirty hair who keeps popping up in the frame, first to […]

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John McCain is now in a very interesting position. Having lost the American people to an economic crisis and his foreign policy wheelhouse having been taken away from him by circumstance and blunder, McCain set off on a course that didn’t quite square with his deeply held personal beliefs of how to conduct oneself with honor and dignity. Indeed the firestorm of personal attacks against Barack Obama and the narrative that he is dangerous, pals with terrorists, and can’t be trusted was a hardball negative campaign tactic that surely must have been thrust upon John by the Steve Schmidt’s […]

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Naugle is Getting His Ass Sued

On September 25, 2008 By

One of my favorite bloggers points out that another of my favorite bloggers is suing my least favorite blogger. The only better kicker is that another least favorite blogger (and lawyer) is representing said favorite blogger. In short, Scott Pullins is helping Tim Russo sue Matt Naugle.

It has to be true. I couldn’t even make that up!

Why? Because at some point you have to surrender to what is right. I think Scott has done that. Or he just loves lawsuits – which as Joe here will tell you – just might be the case. I have trouble […]

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So how disingenuous does one have to be to claim the moral high ground and scoff at a liberal leaning magazine for printing something that has been in his and the collective right’s psyche for some time now?

The answer? Very.

Not only that, but Mr. Flip Flop himself can’t make up his damned mind. First he posts that “I Condemn the Liberal Magazine New Yorker” (that’s the title of the post), then he tells Tim via email:

Well, Tim, the New Yorker isn’t a conservative magazine and quite frankly, I don’t really give a damn what […]

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