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Welcome back, Tiger

On March 16, 2010 By

It’s been a very busy and tough week.? Travel, work, an unwelcome bout with a vicious cold that lasted the duration of my time on the road and continues, plus some campaign drama.? Ugh.

But today, I had a reason to smile.? Tiger Woods will return to play in The Masters.? It is highly unlikely that Tiger will challenge the leaderboard after so long away from from competitive golf, let alone win.? But golf is just not the same without Tiger, and The Masters is the perfect place for him to return.

As someone who has also endured a media […]

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I guess I owe the married people an apology – I’m sorry for calling the entire institution of marriage “idiotic”. ?Really, I am. ?What I meant to say is that in most cases like Tiger Woods’, marriage is idiotic.

On the whole, society’s marriage obsession is…hmm… about ridiculous? I’ve seen more hurt and pain caused by marriage, the perpetuation of bad marriages, and the instinct to enter into marriage, than just about any human endeavor has ever caused aside from religion, which wins the gold medal. ?It is a hopelessly flawed model – it essentially asks human beings to commit […]

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As we begin to learn that Tiger Woods has more mistresses in his cell phone than clubs in his er…bag, I simply must comment.

Tiger is a hero of mine, because I play golf, I love golf, and I love watching great sportsmen excel at the most difficult sports.? The only thing harder to do in sport than hit a major league curve ball is hit a golf ball standing still in the direction you intend it to go.? Tiger is better at it than anyone, perhaps ever.? Even if you think watching golf on TV is idiotic, just watch […]

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[Note: This is the 5,000th post here at Plunderbund. Ironically enough it is not really about politics. also ironic – and typical – is that it blew up in comments. Very Plunderific! YaY milestones!]

Should Powerful Men Not Get Married? My TV-boyfriend Dylan Ratigan thinks so.

His theory is that men with power – in this case Tiger Woods because he’s a celebrity worth $1 billion – should not get married because they are in too many situations where they will be tempted to sleep around. These men constantly have women “making themselves sexually available” to them. (If taken […]

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