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We’re now less than 10 months away from a new county government, but a full 4 months since the passage of Issue 6.? I’ve been watching the transition as closely as anyone, and two things are apparent.

First, the transition is suffering from an extreme, almost comedic lack of competence.? Even if you give everyone involved in the transition process a total free pass, and assume they all have nothing but good intentions, their handiwork is just a flippin’ mess.

Almost none of the top people in the transition process has been involved in politics or government or anything demanding […]

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Like any good democracy guy, I’m not waiting to be elected county councilor for District 7 before applying a little oversight to this new county government.? The Independent made a public records request for emails discussing the transition process in Cuyahoga County.? I’m working through them, and will have a more detailed write up in the March 25 issue of the Indy.? Bottom line?

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The PD’s Gomez is all over this.

According to?recently posted minutes, the public engagement committee met from 6 to 8 p.m. Feb. 3 at the Thompson Hine law firm in downtown Cleveland.

And of course, guess what was the major topic of discussion – doling out a contract.

Attendees discussed a pending?request for proposals (follow link to see the request) from communications consultants. Zanotti?confirmed this monththat the transition team wanted to hire someone for the job. The public engagement committee plans to score the proposals received by Thursday’s deadline.

I’m having a hard time understanding why […]

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