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There is a war on science and the environment in Ohio. Numerous recent pieces of legislation and decisions by state agencies make it clear—the GOP has put politics over science and the health of Ohio’s environment time and time again. One need only look to recent legislation to allow drilling in state parks, unlimited water withdrawals from Lake Erie, or new fracking regulation which prevent disclosure of chemicals used in the fracking process and continue to allow disposal of fracking waste by deep underground injection.

Today we’ll explore one of several recent examples of the Kasich administration making decisions based more on […]

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So my Issue 2 rant is getting Joe all worked up about being late to his poker game……..let’s start another debate!

I’m voting for Issue 1, to re-authorize Third Frontier.? It’s not a perfect program, but I think it is the kind of public-private partnership that we need to foster in Ohio.? Third Frontier is forward leaning, innovative, and laser focused on the future, which is rare in a state where most such matters are governed by a backward neanderthal grunt instinct – for example, casino gambling.? How original!? And regressively non-helpful, too!

My philosophical problem with Third Frontier […]

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