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We have the tape! A reader sends in secret spy footage of a strategy session in which the Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin Dewine and John Kasich communications director Scott Milburn discuss how to stop the mean Ted Strickland from attacking them mercilessly:

PS – I think I cracked the code. I knew there was a reason the carpetblogger called his home Third Base Politics. What? Who? I dunno. THIRD BASE!

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Jon Keeling, former John Kasich staffer, and current consultant for the Department of Homeland Security, notices all the traffic he’s getting regarding his lumping of all Muslims into a terrorist stereotype.? First, Jon Keeling backtracks.

I think it’s fairly obvious to anyone with a brain in their head that all Muslims are not terrorists.

Why yes, Jon, that’s why when you post an image implying that all Muslims are terrorists, people with brains in their heads do, in fact, notice.? Apparently, though, those people with brains in their heads do not include Jon Keeling, because Jon Keeling goes […]

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Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate, John Kasich, has a preferred mouthpiece in the Ohio blogosphere, Jon Keeling. Jon Keeling blogs as DJ Tablesauce, is a former John Kasich staffer, and is also a Homeland Security funded consultant. Keeling today posts an image labeling all Muslims as bomb-wearing terrorists, using an edited image of the “Coexist” image commonly seen on bumper stickers.

Jon Kasich and Homeland Security consultant Jon Keeling have some explaining to do.

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