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The Interwebz were abuzz this weekend with the story of Desmond Hatchett, a 33-year old Tennessee man who has managed to father 30 children ranging in age from toddler to 14 with 11 different women. He brags of having fathered 4 kids in a year, twice. Hatchett is complaining that his minimum wage paycheck can’t cover his child support expenses.

For a moment, let’s set aside the obvious questions, such as “why do you have to have a license to get a dog but not to have a kid?” and “why is it OK to interfere with women’s […]

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I give you Basil Marceaux, Republican candidate for Governor of Tennessee:

And you thought Ken Blackwell and Matt Naugle were bad. Um. Damn. But wait. There’s more! I get a feeling I’m going to be wanting more and more Basil. This clip makes me think whoever is working on his campaign is seriously messing with him:

[Note at 1:04 in the above clip the squinting. Note to campaign: No more shoots on bright ass sunny days]

America. What a country!

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RACIST JOKES: ?Nearly one in six Tennesseans has told a joke about Barack Obama?s race, and three-fourths say they?ve heard or read at least one, even though only 15 percent of Tennesseans say they would find such a joke funny.?

I’d put this at 4 in 6 and take the over.

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