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Long story short.  Ted Diadiun writes typically vapid navel gazing apologia for PD bias, hilariously quoting Bill Mason toady, metro editor Chris Quinn (which Anastasia immediately notices).  People bring up Connie Schultz in comments.  Diadiun claims he and many others at the PD have long been “troubled by the obvious conflict” regarding Connie’s marriage to Sherrod Brown.

Connie, rather publicly, loses it.  As is her wont.

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Front page, top right corner, above the fold, Sunday edition – Terrence Egger begs his readers to save him.

Normally, the PD might sell the space now featuring Egger’s mug shot.? Egger then devotes an entire page on A5 of the Sunday paper, also apparently un-sellable to advertisers, to more begging.

In his piece, Egger, begs.? And begs.? And begs.

Myths die hard, but the fact is that newspapers in general — and The Plain Dealer, specifically — remain the most widely viewed, most far-reaching, most influential local media outlet in the community.

Egger notes the business […]

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