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Why are governments paralyzed?

On August 15, 2012 By

Saw this interesting article this morning on Project Syndicate.

Others argue that Western democracies have the opposite problem: a surfeit of narrow, politically assertive interests leads to underinvestment and poor tradeoffs between present and future opportunities and performance.

This brings us to a crucial obstacle: Government, business, financial, and academic elites are not trusted. Lack of trust in elites is probably healthy at some level, but numerous polls indicate that it is in rapid decline, which surely increases citizens’ reluctance to delegate authority to navigate an uncertain global economic environment.

The conclusions of this article seem fairly obvious to […]

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In their latest attempt to disguise their failed efforts at convincing us that a majority of Ohioans support the union-busting legislation in Ohio, John Kasich’s agent group, Building a Better Ohio has teamed up with some unhappy Tea Party teachers and filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court against the Ohio Education Association and some of its affiliates, including a local association to which they have absolutely no connection.

On the day after Better Ohio lost their argument (presented by attorney Donald Brey) in front of the Ohio Ballot Board to try and have the Senate Bill 5 […]

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TEA PARTY DISCOVERY #5: Identity Crisis

The Tea Party members should consider reading the Constitution and Federalist Papers to better align their stated mission and values with their guiding documents.

Have pity for these lost souls and kindly direct them to review their core values. I would like to emphasize an excerpt from the Federalist Papers, #85 as evidence.

The judgments of many must unite in the work; Experience must guide their labor; Time must bring it to perfection; . . . ought to put them upon their guard against. . . military despotism of a victorious demagogue . . . I know […]

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Jennifer Brunner once said about me, in front of my own mother, at my own fundraiser, with me standing next to her, that she only wished I didn’t use such bad language when I blogged, which of course, got a howl of laughter from the gathered supporters, and a stern, “that’s right!” from my mom.  Thanks a lot, Jennifer.  Anyway, given the response by teabaggers to Chris Redfern’s use of the term “fuckers” to describe them, I hope I can get a special dispensation from both Jennifer and my mom for the following.

Fuck you, you fucking pieces of fuck.  […]

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…he canvassed me. One of those 2008 Rush Limbaugh Operation Chaos types who is now on the ODP voter file as a Dem.

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Someone has a lot of sour grapes he needs to nurse.? Wahmbulance duly summoned.? I suppose there’s always teabagging in Coughlin’s future.? Given the civil war underway in the Ohio GOP right now, and the fact that he is already Ohio GOP roadkill lying on the median strip about twenty miles back, Kevin Coughlin might be the perfect set of full lips to parade all puckered up toward the various low hanging bulbous nutsacks in the Ohio blogosphere.? When it comes to Platonic forms of hypocrisy, Sonny Thomas ain’t got nothin’ on Coughlin.

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All your base are belong to you.

?There?s nobody here but me,? said Bill Hicks of Waynesville, who arrived at the park just minutes after the advertised start time of 10 a.m. Hicks said he wasn?t aware of the controversy swirling around Thomas.

?I just came here looking for some common sense? to be put back into politics, he said.

So naturally, he looked for common sense and found Sonny Thomas.? Those common sense Tea Party values!

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There’s a PD story today on just how primordially primitive Jon Husted’s Pavlovian teabagging of the Tea Party has been on its face, and how “angry” this all has made our good friends in the Tea Party (whatever the fuck that is).

Chris Littleton, president of the Ohio Liberty Council, said Husted’s overtures to the Tea Party are all propaganda that would make him laugh if he weren?t so angry. He said Husted declined to attend many candidate forums put on by Tea Party groups and similar organizations.

The reporter, Joe Guillen, even goes on to quote head Cleveland […]

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Deep thought on taxes

On April 15, 2010 By

Given that taxes on middle income American families are at historically low levels, the top marginal tax rate is still lower than under Reagan and when raised will be equal to what it was under Clinton, and the average tax REFUND is up 10%, how silly do Teabagger? Tax Day temper tantrums look today?

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