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The Carpetblogger is never a disappointment in Iraqi Minister of Information (aka “Baghdad Bob”) level of political spin.

A month ago, the NRA endorsed Strickland for Governor.  Keeling wrote that’s okay because it doesn’t look like the Buckeye Firearms Association’s “widely read” forums supports the NRA on this endorsement.

Today, what does Keeling say about the Buckeye Firearms Association’s endorsement of Governor Strickland? That’s okay there aren’t that many Second Amendment single-issue voters out there and nobody follows the Buckeye Firearm Association anyway.

Keeling then claims that it’s okay, because the more these endorsements are pushed […]

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The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog disclosed that apparently the Dispatch (wisely) has a policy about not writing about internal campaign polls because they are not (really?) inherently reliable. 

This, of course, didn’t stop Congressman Tiberi’s campaign from trying really, really, really hard yesterday to let you know just how awesome his campaign pollster said he is.

The Dispatch notes that Brooks internally campaign polling does show Tiberi ahead, but with a much smaller lead, but within striking distance.  Although I haven’t seen the numbers, my gut tells me Brooks’ poll is probably more accurate.  Brooks […]

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The good thing about a statewide poll where you have two largely unknown candidates is that it demonstrates the partisan barometer.  And the Quinnipiac shows that Ohioans aren’t as crazy about Republicans and the Tea Party as Old Media has led you to believe.

The Quinnipiac poll has been the only poll to test Ohio voters attitudes on such things and here’s what it found:

While voters are generally split on their opinion of the Democratic Party, Ohioans have a net negative six point opinion of the Republican Party. Male voters are split on the Republican Party, but have a […]

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For over a year, Rob Portman has told any Tea Party or Republican crowd that he supported the repeal of the recent federal health care reform bill.  In response to the Ohio Republicans’ widespread claims that the health care bill was so unpopular they planned on running on repealing it as part of their national platform, the Ohio Liberty Council (the unofficial umbrella organization of the Tea Party so-called “movement”) drafted a proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution to be voted on this fall with the stated aim of writing into Ohio’s constitution law that “nullifies” the already passed federal […]

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Ordinarily, I wouldn’t post a campaign’s e-mail verbatim, but Pepper’s campaign puts it better than I could:

Caught on Tape: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

A Tale of Two Candidates: Rally Rhetoric Versus Actual Facts

Sometimes it’s good to have a video camera around.  Because they capture things that you otherwise won’t believe unless you see them yourself.

In this case, someone who taped a 2009 Columbus Tea Party rally filmed a politician working up the crowd by decrying increased spending.  Government spending was up 66% in ten years, he complained, while personal incomes were up […]

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The Southern Poverty Law Center’s blog has provided lots of great reading this week including this post about Dale Robertson – a leader in the Tea Party movement and the founder of

Robertson attacked President Obama for spending Memorial Day weekend with his family in Chicago instead of laying a wreath at Arlington Cemetery. The attack itself isn’t that surprising and in the big world of political spin isn’t much of a problem. Conservative attacks against Democrats – and even against less conservative members of their own party – often follow the Mr/Ms. X did Y therefore he/she […]

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All your base are belong to you.

?There?s nobody here but me,? said Bill Hicks of Waynesville, who arrived at the park just minutes after the advertised start time of 10 a.m. Hicks said he wasn?t aware of the controversy swirling around Thomas.

?I just came here looking for some common sense? to be put back into politics, he said.

So naturally, he looked for common sense and found Sonny Thomas.? Those common sense Tea Party values!

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There’s a PD story today on just how primordially primitive Jon Husted’s Pavlovian teabagging of the Tea Party has been on its face, and how “angry” this all has made our good friends in the Tea Party (whatever the fuck that is).

Chris Littleton, president of the Ohio Liberty Council, said Husted’s overtures to the Tea Party are all propaganda that would make him laugh if he weren?t so angry. He said Husted declined to attend many candidate forums put on by Tea Party groups and similar organizations.

The reporter, Joe Guillen, even goes on to quote head Cleveland […]

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Been on the road, coming back up for air, and the first post I went to this morning to re-engage in the Ohiosphere is this John Husted ad of PANIC, which Eric aptly describes as follows.

Fuck me. It’s like they ‘re playing Tea Party Yahtzee. Just toss some wingnuttery in a cup, shake, and out comes a commercial. “Stop immoral government debt to protect our children’s liberty”? LOLWTF

Actually, this is quite a historic ad.? I’m pretty sure this is the first political ad in the history of American political ads to open with a “Don’t Tread […]

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Finally. They stark freaking out. They’ve been warned for over a year now and they are just now realizing the damage that has been done and will continue to be done to their cause. They’re freaking the hell out:

The organizers of some major Florida tea party groups, for instance, on Thursday morning released an open letter to Congress and President Barack Obama declaring they ?stand in stark opposition to any person using derogatory characterizations, threats of violence, or disparaging terms toward members of Congress or the President.?

FreedomWorks must have some bad internal polling suggesting the jig is […]

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Earlier today, the Ohio Democratic Party shrewed called on self-declared “Tea Party” Republican John Kasich to declare who he supported in the GOP primary for State Auditor: 1) ORP hand-picked candidate Delaware County Prosecutor David Yost, or 2) Tea Party favorite freshman Ohio House Rep. Seth Morgan.

After all, Kasich created the primary by selecting State Auditor Mary Taylor as his running mate.

According to the Dayton Daily News, Kasich’s spokeman claimed, “Kasich ?hasn?t endorsed candidates in the primaries,? Rob Nichols, Kasich?s spokesman, said in an e-mail.

Um, liar?

First, there was this anti-endorsement in the Full Story...