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Yeah, that whole “Tea Party is nothing more than Koch Brothers/Americans for Prosperity funding astroturfing operation” is just a kooky liberal smear.  Except of course, when a Tea Party activist posts on YouTube the training session they just had with Americans for Prosperity…

Meanwhile, we’ve got over an hour of footage of a “grassroots training session” in which an Ohio official from Americans from Prosperity “trains” the Tea Party to advocate their state legislators on SB 5, repealing the estate tax, and other conservative legislative agenda items.

On the budget: Americans for Prosperity predicts that the state budget will […]

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Here’s a statement on the Portage County Tea Party website:


Kent, Ohio -  The Portage County TEA Party announced today that it condemns the move by Ohio Senate Republicans to replace Republican Senator Seitz with Republican Senator Hite to get Senate Bill 5 out of committee. After his replacement they then passed the bill out of committee by a 7-5 vote.  Tom Zawistowski, Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party said “Speaking as the leader of the Portage County TEA Party, I want to say that […]

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(HT: Jacoblarger)

Here’s the shot of today’s Tea Party protest in SUPPORT of SB 5:

If you look closer, you’ll notice there are more people in line to get vouchers to get admission to the Senate session than actually protesting with the Tea Party.  I think it’s adorable how they decided to spread out to make them look bigger.

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s a similar picture taken of yesterday’s rally:

(HT: Stand Up Ohio)

Just sayin’.

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First, they hijacked SEIU’s telephone system to try to make pro-SB5 calls to State Senators in Ohio, even though they lived out of State.  We’ve seen an influx of out-of-State Tea Party hacks here posing as if they’re Ohioans until we’ve had to call them out on this.

Now, a Tea Party activist/radio host in California sends out a message to the Tea Party to pose as SEIU members and get on television saying things that will hurt the middle class workers’ cause:

Here is what I am doing in Sacramento, where they are holding a 5:30 PM […]

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Remember us talking about this smartass yesterday?

Well, guess who ProgressOhio’s Dave Harding saw on WBNS Channel 10 last night?

Gang, meet attorney Jack Painter, who lives in the high-income neighborhood of Indian Hills near Cincinnati.  Painter, like me, is a solo practitioner.  He’s the head of the Indian Hills Tea Party, on the Advisory Board of the Cincinnati Tea Party, and on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Liberty Council which has claimed as its mantle as being the statewide organization of the so-called “Tea Party” movement.  Oh, and he’s a contributor […]

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Massive Tea Party FAIL

On February 18, 2011 By

(Image Source: Dave Harding @ ProgressOhio)

I had to stay home with a sick kid… that’s why I wasn’t there yesterday.  I wish I could have been.  I’ve always wanted to violate a fire code with firefighters and police officers.  Seriously, the crowd shots for the rally yesterday were INSANE.

The picture is what Dave Harding snapped of the “Tea Party protest.”

Let’s remember what we heard a week ago yesterday.  A week ago, Matt Mayer of the Ohio Buckeye Institute was heralding the Tea Party “movement’s” planned rally today as follows:

So, it […]

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Seriously, just listen to this 10 minute screed (hard, I know), and tell me this isn’t precisely what is heard on Fox News all day, every day.  Probably a $2 million contract in his future.  Only thing he’s missing is the colonial garb.

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The Dayton Daily News reports that the Tea Party Exchange—a program designed to pair Tea Party members with Tea Party-friendly businesses in a discount program to raise money for the Tea Party has folded… after being announced on Friday.

The reasons are multiple.

First, there was a massive boycott from customers who swore they’d never dine or use the services of any business on the exchange:

The number of businesses participating was just more than two dozen after several dropped out when customers complained.

Then, there was mass confusion and disagreements between the organizers and the […]

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So what if you threw an event celebrating the diversity of a movement and no diversity actually showed up?

On these here Interwebs we call that #fail.

The Tea Party bowel movement was desperate to show that it really wasn’t the Angry White Man Party by throwing a “Uni-Tea” rally. Shame on the nasty NAACP for calling them racists. They’d show them. An overflowing level of support from people of many different races, colors, and creeds. Right.

Um…no. I hate to hearken back to days of old and bring up another GOP diversity fail – what […]

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There are many reasons to believe that this current environment isn’t a Republican version of 2008 or a repeat of 1994.

Lack of large-scale retirements.  Despite defending exactly the same number of seats as they did in 1994, the Democrats are facing substantially less open seat races.  While there have been a few surprise high-profile retirements (Obey, Bayh, etc.), it’s not nearly the scope we saw going into 1994. Republicans as an unknown quantity. In 1994, only folks who remember President Eisenhower could recall what it was like when the Republicans controlled Congress (when the party was vastly different, […]

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After Tim read  my post yesterday about Keeling’s rushed eagerness to push a poll in the Auditor’s race that was clearly questionable on its face, let alone when you did a cursory review of the pollster’s “credentials,”  Tim said something I hinted at the beginning of my post.  Yesterday’s post by Keeling was even hackish even for the Carpetblogger (I’d note that Matt Naugle and other conservative bloggers didn’t rush to tout this poll.)  So, Tim asked, why did Keeling?

I’ll tell you why.  Keeling, and by extension, Camp Kasich have been very nervous about the Auditor’s race.  […]

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