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National: An End To Food Stamps?

Fox News is currently asking whether the federal food program for people in poverty should be eliminated because of recent data about program fraud. Creating the impression that there is widespread fraud in a federal program is the first step in a messaging war that will be waged as the right-wing prepares to introduce a budget that cuts spending on vital programs in order to pay for a diverse array of tax cuts for the billionaire class that helps keep them in office.

The Washington Post rightly notes that this $70 million in misspending represents just 0.09 […]

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We recently reported that one of the state’s top tax law firms analyzed the Kasich plan to expand Ohio’s sales tax to most services, declaring it to be a “nightmare.” Our reporting may have gotten folks at Vorys in hot water with the Kasich administration, as the analysis now carries the following note:

Funny, we never realized that “nightmare” was a technical term, but our apologies to whomever at Vorys we got in trouble.

The fact is, Vorys is not alone. To […]

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Over the next few day, hundreds of Ohioans will be mobilizing outside the offices of key members of Congress to encourage them to reach a solution to the fiscal cliff that preserves the tax cuts on the middle class, defends against draconian cuts to important programs and does so by asking the wealthiest Americans to pay a little more.

The more people that can participate the better. Members of Congress tend to wet their pants when they are confronted by more than six pissed off constituents at a time, so a healthy turnout at these events will help demonstrate that […]

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One of the most hotly contested races in Ohio this fall is the battle between incumbent Mike Duffey and challenger Donna O’Connor for Ohio’s 21st House District, representing the northern suburbs of Franklin County.

In 2010, Republican Mike Duffey narrowly won after both sides spent nearly $1 million in the old district, which was much more favorable to Democrats.

This election cycle, with districts redrawn to include a wider Republican margin, Duffey thought he could coast to victory without much effort. On October 7, the Dispatch reported:

At the beginning of the week, state Rep. Mike Duffey was talking […]

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A revealing email, obtained by Plunderbund, demonstrates the political calculus that took place when House GOP leaders considered plans to raise Ohio’s severance taxes on oil & gas drillers in advance of an expected fracking boom.

On January 22, Lou Blessing, Speaker pro tempore of the Ohio House of Representatives, emailed his GOP colleagues with his thoughts on a possible increase in the tax–something that Governor Kasich was rumored to be considering. In his email, he compares Ohio’s taxes to other states, stating “Ohio is on the very low side” and puts forth two scenarios for raising it, in the following […]

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We gathered at the statehouse yesterday to demand Governor Kasich review the $7 billion in annual exemptions, credits and deductions that riddle our tax code. Earlier this month, Kasich issued a challenge to the taxpayers of Ohio by saying, “You got any more loopholes you want closed, bring ‘em to us.” In response, One Ohio Now and Fight for a Fair Economy Ohio partnered for a Rally for Taxpayer Fairness. Here’s my video from the event…

Room for Corruption: 

Tax loopholes are often special tax breaks that tend to allow the rich to skip […]

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The tax system in Ohio is unfair. It’s a regressive tax system. We need a fair tax system in Ohio. We need a progressive tax system.

What do I mean when I say Ohio has a regressive tax system? If you look at all of the taxes people pay in Ohio, and add them together, the tax responsibility we all share, is spread in such a way that it cuts into the basic security of those who have less and isn’t asking enough from those who have most.


Here’s the same information presented in a […]

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It seems that Kasich had so much fun offering dubious tax credits to rich Ohioans during the budget process he doesn’t want to give it up. According to Columbus Business First the Kasich administration is still looking at ways to pass legislation that would exempt capital gains taxes from the state income tax.

Kasich said he will let court cases involving similar capital gains tax laws in other states run their course before revisiting the issue in Ohio. His top job-creation advisor, Mark Kvamme, seemed a bit more optimistic, however.

“We believe there is still a way to do it […]

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I stopped watching morning cable news shows a long time ago. All those people yelling at each other about idiotic talking points that early in the morning makes me nervous. They always leave me in a bad mood and that really is no way to start your day. My prohibition against morning cable news shows is the reason I didn’t know John Kasich was going to be on Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning. You can watch the whole 15 minute clip here, and I suggest you do if only to see Mika throw a hay-maker in the first […]

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Speaker Bill Batchelder got his letter writing campaign on over the weekend by getting a letter to the editor published in the Wall Street Journal regarding the repeal of the estate tax in Ohio. (I like to think he either hand wrote a letter and mailed it to the Wall Street Journal or sent a telegram. For some reason every time I think of him I just get a picture of Mr. Burns in my head.) Considering that the estate tax is one of the Journal’s favorite topics of conversation this whole letter must have been like cat-nip for […]

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The Cincinnati Enquirer has the story:

The announcement idles thousands of construction jobs as Rock balks at taxes millions higher than initially envisioned. Specifically, the House’s budget seeks to apply the 0.26 percent CAT tax to total betting at Ohio’s four planned casinos rather than just net losses by gamblers, the industry’s standard definition of revenue. If Ohio enacted the proposal it would mean a CAT tax bill for all four casinos possibly 10 times higher than the $5.2 million developers envisioned.

Rock Gaming officials have become increasingly vocal in the last two months about Ohio officials’ considerations on […]

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