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From the Columbus Dispatch, we learn that Republicans plan on drastically cutting Medicaid eligibility as a means to balance the budget and pay for the tax cuts they passed in 2005, and any additional tax cuts Governor-elect Kasich intends on passing.

After his speech, the Medina resident said that kind of shortfall means there is no way to avoid making significant changes to Medicaid, the $12.5 billion state-federal health insurance program for the poor and disabled.

"First, we have to apply for exceptions, a lot of them," Batchelder said, noting that in the past, the state asked the […]

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Last month, John Kasich admitted that he believes his “No New Tax” pledge he signed with the Americans for Tax Reform does not include eliminating tax expenditures (targeted tax breaks) despite the ATR’s public statement that it does.

Today, during his campaign press conference, Kasich was asked after countless other Republicans campaigned on such pledges only to break it, why should voters trust him.  He gave a two minute angry answer about how he was different from every one of those Republicans.  Kasich angrily rejected the notion that he was like those other pledge breakers.

And then he […]

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(HT: Dave Harding at Progress Ohio)

Within days of the recount in the GOP primary being called off with former Taft Agriculture Director/’08 nominee Fred Daily concede to freshman State Senator Bob Gibbs, the Zack Space congressional campaign wasted no time taking a swing at Gibbs with a fore-star attack ad that will have Gibbs asking for a mulligan on the GOP primary.

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When they weren’t busy end scientific practices that don’t seem to exist in Ohio anyways, the Republican-lead State Senate was able to reach an agreement with the Democratic House on restructuring the State’s tangible property tax credit so that it ceases to be a barrier to the development of renewable energy projects in the State.

As Dave Harding at ProgressOhio noted, the State’s tangible property tax was four to ten times higher than neighboring States taxes for renewable power projects.

From the Governor’s office:

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland released the following statement on the passage of Senate Bill […]

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The Carpetblogger is amazed at the “trend” that a bunch of Republican lawmakers from across Ohio all today issued separate press releases from different regions of Ohio today to discuss the economy.  Keeling wrote four posts about these releases, each one, more amazed at the coincidence that these lawmakers were saying the same thing at the same time.

It’s almost like these lawmakers didn’t actually release these press releases at all, but they were all issued in a coordinated fashion by the some central organization like… the Ohio Republican House Caucus, […]

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If you thought that this week’s coverage over Kasich’s tax plan which overshadowed what should have been nothing more than puff, positive stories about the Kasich-Taylor rollout wouldn’t continue, well, guess again.

Here are some major fault lines that this week’s event demonstrated that will grow like an untreated crack in a car windshield until election day.

Something about Mary.  Yeah, we all know there’s still the unresolved issue of who, if anyone, will the GOP be able to recruit to challenge Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper for State Auditor.  ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine can call Pepper a “dud” […]

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Here’s the Plain Dealer’s coverage over the “Tweet predicted around the world” today:

But an independent analysis released Wednesday of a bill introduced by a Republican lawmaker proposing to phase that tax out over 10 years concluded Ohio would lose $768 million next year alone and more in years after that.

Local governments and libraries would also lose money under a plan to eliminate the income tax, according to the Legislative Service Commission analysis.

Kasich has refused, to this point, to say how he would make the plan work or what revenue he might use to replace the […]

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Kyle Sisk is the first conservative blogger to admit that the entire candidacy of John Kasich for Governor is about hiding one fact: that for all his promises to repeal taxes, not only will John Kasich not do that, but he’ll raise taxes instead.

Given Sisk’s recent history of scrubbing his website when he realizes the import of his post is counterproductive, here’s the screenshot:

Meanwhile, it’s Strickland’s public construction contract and sentencing reforms that are the structural reforms that the Senate GOP has adopted as their own (both were originally introduced in the Governor’s budget.)


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So, the Columbus Dispatch, has more details on exactly how the Senate GOP would fill the gap with less than a full freeze of the final income tax cut:

Raids $30 million from the Housing Trust Fund Removing the requirement that schools provide all-day kindergarten starting next school year, and the requirement that they meet class size restrictions. Restoring $25 million this year and $35 million next year to private, chartered schools, most of which are Catholic. The schools were hit with significant cuts in the two-year budget. Creating a commission to study state functions that could be […]

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Despite their best efforts, the Senate GOP Caucus could not unite behind an alternative plan to Governor Strickland’s proposal to freeze the implementation of the final phase of the state income tax cuts begun in 2005.? Therefore, they have resigned themselves to giving the Democrats the five votes necessary to pass their modified version of the House’s plan.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Senate GOP plan delay implementation of a majority of the tax cut with the remaining hole filled by other sources, such as the casino licensing fees being paid now that Issue 3 has […]

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…and in better news, the state Obama is speaking in here (Michigan) was surrendered to the Obama camp yesterday. Red sirens going off in the McCain headquarters. Those 17 EVs lost is going to tighten up their math quite a bit. Especially given the dynamics of the electoral race. Their campaign has even so much as admitted the only way they win is by the slimmest of margins.

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