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President Obama, in his weekly address, comments on the recent 5-4 Supreme Court decision that we’ve been discussing here at PG:

So let me get this straight. You can ship jobs overseas. Set up a foreign corporation. Then use said foreign corporation to affect U.S. elections. There should be teabaggers in the streets over this one, but don’t hold your breath. Their trumped up corporatist astroturf rallies don’t really give fuck all for Democracy.

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Game Over. Corporations Win.

On January 21, 2010 By

Stunning development in campaign finance laws. We are now of, by, and for the corporations folks. Simple as that:

Sweeping aside a century-old understanding and overruling two important precedents, a bitterly divided Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections.

5-4 along expected partisan ideological lines.

I understand this also applies to labor unions and other groups, but you don’t have to be a day trader to know that corporations will clean the clocks of labor unions in tossing money at races.

Game. Set. Match. You got […]

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The entire wingnut base grits their teeth as the first Hispanic justice and third female justice is sworn in to the United States Supreme Court. Despite the healthcare town hall mobs, our country continues to move forward in progress:

WASHINGTON ? Sonia Sotomayor became the Supreme Court’s newest justice Saturday, pledging during a brief ceremony at the high court to defend the Constitution and administer impartial justice.

Sotomayor, 55, is the first Hispanic justice and only the third woman in the court’s 220-year history.

A great day!

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Media Matters does a good job of distilling down the wingnut playbook versus Obama’s SC pick Sotomayor. As was perfectly predictable, they’re losing their shit:

Also completely predictable is that they are taking the exact wrong course of action here. It’s no wonder elected GOP officials are breaking out the 10 foot poles. They want no part of this. Hell, even Michael Steele knows better. Of course, he’ll soon be apologizing to Limbaugh I’d assume. It’s a pattern.

This is all great news, really. The complete meltdown of the GOP is continuing at a pace even […]

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Continuing the “Change You Can Believe In” series, today we have the news that President Obama has nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

No pasty white dudes. How nice. It’s the new face of America. Smile.

As Tim notes, however, expect wingnut heads to explode. Meltdown in 3…2…

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Obama to get first SC pick. Justice David Souter is retiring. Developing…

Let the librul activist court begin!

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Just heard news on MSNBC that the U.S. Supreme Court has overruled a lower court ruling and ruled in favor of the Secretary of State, dealing a blow to the GOP. Voters will be able to vote using a regular ballot and will not be required to vote provisionally.


Update: Lower courts were wrong to get involved. Victory for state of Ohio. Ends possibility others state GOPers will try the same stunt. Great news.

Update 2:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is siding with Ohio’s top elections official in a dispute with the state Republican Party […]

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Sarah and the Supremes

On September 30, 2008 By

Anthony Fossaceca at BlueOhioan crawls deep in the recesses of Sarah Palin’s brain to try to understand why she can’t recall more than one Supreme Court case (you guessed it: Roe v. Wade) even though a recent one impacted her state profoundly. Part of me thinks Anthony is helping with her debate prep here. LOL.

What is going on with this person? I can’t tell if she’s scared, dumb, lucky, sly, clever, dim, or charming.

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