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Yet another argument gone. The Super delegate gap has been closed and Obama now even leads:

I probably only do this because as I Kentucky native I constantly have to, but I’ve also known very bright people who were not racists that were from West Virginia. Roommate at West Point is one off the top of my head. Top flight guy. Love his Mountaineers!

I’ll let you say some, but not “West Virginians” or “Kentuckians”. To be honest, they are everywhere them hillbillies. I thought I wouldn’t see as many as back home when I moved to Ohio. […]

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Joe Andrew Clearly Gets It

On May 2, 2008 By

I told you earlier about the DNC Chair under Bill Clinton swtiching support to Barack Obama. Boy did he ever. Wrote one HELL of a letter to the remaining super delegates too. I’d excerpt it, but you really have to read it all as I’d probably cut most all of it out into blockquotes. It’s that good.

My favorite:

No amount of spin or sleight of hand can deny the fact that where there has been competition, Senator Obama has won more votes, more States and more delegates than any other candidate. Only the super delegates can award the […]

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Zack Space on “Courage”

On May 1, 2008 By

Caught this in a WaPo article about how Obama has tied Hilary among Congressional supers:

Rep. Zack Space (D-Ohio), who remains neutral, marveled that Hill — who lost his seat in 2004 to Republican Michael E. Sodrel, won it back in 2006 and is likely to face a rematch with Sodrel in November — came out for Obama. But he said he was even more amazed by Tuesday’s endorsement of Obama by Rep. Ben Chandler (D-Ky.), whose district is likely to vote overwhelmingly for Clinton in the Kentucky Democratic primary May 20.

“That’s courageous,” he said.

Yeah, Zack. Courageous. Unlike […]

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