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Boy, I love me some irony.? What the hell else did they expect given her history of quitting on her home state of Alaska so that she could travel around in a custom bus taking dollars from unsuspecting sycophants?

Seriously. Palin’s little book tour appears to be like honey to stupid bees.

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First John with the pregnant pause, now this. Absolute gold, Jerry. If this thing doesn’t become a commercial it will be a big mistake. Perfect clip to include in an economy spot. If it’s the economy, you can’t sound stupid. Stupid!

Back in ’06, freepers were drafting this guy for President. In March he was at the top of the McCain VP list.

Not anymore…

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Your tax dollars hard at work…

On September 21, 2007 By

What a friggin’ waste of time. Senate Republicans (and possibly House Republicans as well, if Mr. Boehner gets his way) would rather waste everyone’s time passing resolutions condemning MoveOn rather than discussing stuff that’s, you know, important.

The US Senate has voted to condemn an advertisement attacking the country’s top commander in Iraq as he gave key testimony on military progress there.

In the House of Representatives, Republican leader John Boehner recommended a similar move.

But a spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told The Associated Press news agency that the priorities of Americans lay elsewhere.

“The House is […]

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Right-wing racist hate

On May 3, 2007 By


An unnamed 23-year-old man from Canton, Michigan–a Detroit suburb near Dearbornistan with a large Muslim population composed primarily of Pakis, er . . . Pakistanis–should be among this year’s candidates for the Darwin awards.

Yeah, Debbie Schlussel just called Dearborn “Dearbonistan” and Pakistani immigrants the indisputably racist term “Pakis”. But it gets better. First, some backround – the actual news story.

A night of hurling improvised cherry bombs from a pickup truck ended poorly for one Canton resident on Sunday night.

According to Canton Police, a 23-year-old man sought treatment at Oakwood Healthcare Center on Canton Center […]

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How in the world did Oklahoma ever elect Senator Inhofe? Were they falling behind in the “crazy wingnut” race with their neighboring states? Not only does he religiously deny global warming, he’s now claiming the WMD justification for the Iraq War was a fabrication of the media! Inhofe now:

?The whole idea of weapons of mass destruction was never the issue, yet they keep trying to bring this up,? Inhofe said. [?]

Pressed for an explanation, Inhofe said weapons of mass destruction were ?incidental? to the decision to invade Iraq.

?The media made that the issue because they […]

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“I am getting rather sick of these lifestyle nazis that are using the blunt force of government to crack down on … the eating of crappy food.”
Matt Naugle on Strickland’s Health Insurance Plan

I know Matt doesn’t understand this concept- any more than he understands why we have to wear seat belts. So let me try to explain it in selfish, republican-style language he can understand:

If you crash your car and aren’t wearing your seatbelt- then your beat-up body is transported to the hospital in an ambulance paid for by MY TAX […]

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Jean Schmidt: Iraq Loves KFC…

On February 27, 2007 By

Man is this chick stupid. But don’t take my word for it. Please- watch the video…

Painful, no?

It’s hard to tell if she is trying to confuse the viewer- or if she is just confused herself.

I’m guessing it’s a little of both.

Anyway- these seem to be the main points she is making:

1. In EYE-rack** there is a lot of violence- but only in certain communities

2. that’s because only a “handful” of people “there” hate us

3. the rest LOVE us- and our clothes and music and food- “KFC is growing by leaps and bounds”!


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