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We owe it to our readers to tell you the truth, even if it spoils the fun for our ideological allies. I’ll admit when we uncovered this we thought about not writing about it because we love an elaborate prank just like the next guy, and this story reveals the most elaborate, sophisticate political astroturfing prank in Ohio history since Kasich Deputy Press Secretary crowned himself one of “Ohio’s top bloggers” all the time he was writing from Virginia on the Ohio Republican Party’s payroll.

Here it is:  Building a Better Ohio, the campaign committee we all thought was a […]

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Earlier today, Joseph wrote about Innovation Ohio releasing Kasich Administration documents that showed the Administration has, in fact, run full simulations on how their budget will affect each school district that included the impact of Kasich’s decision to replace none of the lost stimulus funding and tax changes Kasich’s budget makes.

The Cincinnati Enquirer and other outlets has the Kasich Administration’s response to the release of this data.  First, the response in full, and then the breakdown:

“It appears that it’s not accurate and if it had any origin here at one time it is now badly outdated, […]

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Today, Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) introduced SB 69 which, if passed, would say that if you request the following from the State government:

Heating assistance Housing assistance Medical assistance Food Assistance

Then you must first agree to submit yourself to a urine screen.  If you refuse or if you test positive for any controlled substance that is not prescribed to you, then you are ineligible for any aid, but unemployment. (Yeah, I don’t know why that was the only one exempted either.)  The bill has no exception, even if you tested positive but are currently undergoing treatment.  Relapse? Too […]

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Here’s a pro-tip, if you’re going to write a blog post titled “OH Sen. Brown’s Dimwitted Remarks Over Oil Spill,” then at least find something dim witted about Senator Brown’s remarks.

Instead, “One Oar in the Water” says in response:

Maybe we should explore the effects of big government on the environment and energy industry? Maybe we should explore the lack of oversight Congress failed to exhibit all these years over the energy industry?

These are just a few questions Senator Brown might want to ask, but surely the oil spill in the gulf points to too much […]

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That’s what Steve Stivers checked on a recent candidate questionnaire by the the Tea Party.

Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s campaign has a petition defending the right of Ohioans to directly elect their U.S. Senators.

Stivers also proposes getting rid of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Housing, Agriculture, Education, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Veterans Affairs, and Energy.

Stivers also indicated that he would support replacing the income tax with a sales tax, support the elimination of automatic withholding of taxes, eliminate the ability of family members to petition the government to allow the legal […]

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Earlier this week, Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray announced a $9 million settlement with AIG for conspiring with rivals to jack up insurance premiums.

The Ohio Republican Party thought they smelled a political winner by claiming that the lawsuit was actually a winner for private lawyers who handled the case after donating money to Cordray’s campaign.

So, being Republicans, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine attacked Cordray by claiming that he and Marc Dann (who had filed the suit) used the suit to reward their campaign donors by steering the work to them.

The Ohio GOP message machine felt […]

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21 State Senators send Attorney General a laughable letter demanding he file suit in Florida (again, why Florida and not Ohio?) challenging the “constitutionality” of health care reform.  AG Richard Cordray has already politely told them “no” as such a case would be a waste of taxpayer resources as their claims have no legal merits.

This is a new take on federalism.  The idea that States act as “defenders” of individual liberty against federal encroachment.  In reality all federalism has ever meant is a fight over which government, state or federal, had the right to regulate a specific […]

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You know, I used to think that “Scoop” Keeling was just a Kasich hack, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s just an idiot.

Today, Keeling joined Matt Naugle in pushing the latest Josh Mandel press release against State Treasurer Kevin Boyce.? In this latest installment of “I really don’t know anything about the office I seek”, Mandel alleges that Boyce is holding up state banking contracts as a way to raise more money for his campaign.

Except that both Mandel, Naugle, and Keeling ignore the fact that the decision to delay the awarding the contracts […]

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I’m going to give you a Madden playbook why John Kasich’s courtship of State Auditor Mary Taylor makes no sense for anyone but John Kasich.? But let’s start with the most obvious point: it is absolute insanity for the Republicans to risk the only Apportionment Board seat they held in 2006 by moving an incumbent who was on track for a relatively safe re-election so that she can run for the non-essentially (from both a political and governing sense) Lt. Governor slot.

It’s is amazingly insane.? Second, if it were a done deal, Kasich wouldn’t first float it through Jon […]

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In 2000, when he dropped out of the Presidential race, GOP Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich called W. Bush his “soul brother.”

In a June 26, 2009 CNN story on the Bush years (featured on Kasich’s campaign website), Kasich said:

“The Republican Party is my vehicle, not my master,” he said. “I mean I am here to try to bring prosperity back to this state, to make sure families are better off. I’m not here to carry anyone’s banner.”

“They [The Bush Administration] stopped solving problems,” said Kasich, who after his House tenure worked on […]

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Pam Geller’s Personal Jihad

On December 10, 2009 By

I don’t know about you but I remember being 17 all too well. I remember thinking I was the smartest person in the world. And I remember thinking my parents were complete idiots who didn’t understand me or any of the teenage turmoil, tension and occasional trauma I was going through.

It turns out I was wrong. No big surprise there.

Sure my parents weren’t always right. But they did their best while I was at my worst and I really regret putting them through all of that stupid drama. In the end we all got through it though. Primarily […]

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