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That’s what Steve Stivers checked on a recent candidate questionnaire by the the Tea Party.

Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s campaign has a petition defending the right of Ohioans to directly elect their U.S. Senators.

Stivers also proposes getting rid of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Housing, Agriculture, Education, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Veterans Affairs, and Energy.

Stivers also indicated that he would support replacing the income tax with a sales tax, support the elimination of automatic withholding of taxes, eliminate the ability of family members to petition the government to allow the legal […]

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Either that presumably 50 ft. tall “Vote Steve Stivers May 4th” sign was photoshopped into a Tea Party crowd shot by the Ohio Republican Party or I missed the headline in the Columbus Dispatch:

58 Tea Party protesters killed by falling giant Stivers sign.

Christ, guys, don’t photoshop something where the sign looks so large that people’s heads are smaller than the dot on the “i.”? They actually cropped the bottom edge to make it appear like it was behind those folks and tilted the writing to give the impression it was displayed at an angle.?? What did […]

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Steve Stivers has this problem that people actually did keep track of what he actually says.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, here’s what Steve Stivers said in just the last election:

“I would take a serious look at treating health insurance the same way we treat auto insurance: requiring people to have it,” Stivers said in a 2008 radio interview. “I think that would create a robust marketplace.”


Stivers pledges to “work to stop job-killing measures like health-care mandates.”

Of course, Stivers claims he’s not reversing positions.

“Mr. Stivers did take a serious look at a health […]

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Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy knows that the national Republicans have painted a big target on her back.? She knows she’s likely facing a rematch from her ’08 opponent in which she narrowly won thanks, in part, to a high youth turnout fueled by the presidential election that is unlikely to materialize in ’10.

And yet, she not only voted for the House health insurance reform bill, but she also voted against the Stupak anti-choice amendment.

If you’ve got some spare change, give Kilroy some coin.? If you live in the area and have some spare time, then give […]

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PolickerOH has named this week’s winners and losers. Ted Strickland is a winner:

The governor is picking off incumbent Repubilcans in competitive legislative seats by offering them jobs in his administration.

It’s really fun to beat your opponent at their own game. Gaming the system is, indeed, the game of the Ohio GOP.

Stivers and the GOP are losers:

They really missed the boat by accusing Kilroy of using a body-double in a parade. (link added)

That wingnut after wingnut blogger hopped on this thing makes it even sweeter.

I’d also mention that Naug […]

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Now I’m not saying that team Stivers is scrubbing his Wikipedia page – but there does certainly appear to be a lot of information missing from the most recent version.

Fortunately, Wikipedia stores a complete history of the edits made to the page- and with the Stivers’ page there have been quite a few.

The changes started in November after Stivers decided to run against Mary Jo Kilroy in the 15th. But they really picked up in late February after the ORP unanimously endorsed him.

The most recent version of Steve Stivers’ page, last edited on June […]

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I guess the recent polling results released by the Kilroy campaign have Stivers running scared.

In an attempt to recast himself as a moderate to central Ohio’s voters, Republican Steve Stivers announced his 5-point “energy security policy” that, not surprisingly, sounds a hell of a lot like something a Democrat might propose.

As a matter of fact, half of his plan sounds very similar to Mary Jo Kilroy’s positions. (note: Kilroy and Stivers are competing for Ohio’s 15th congressional district seat )

In addition to investing 100 billion in alternative energy research to drive to growth of “green […]

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Ohio 15: Kilroy up by 10

On May 29, 2008 By

I just got the first polling numbers I’ve seen for the 15th.

According to a poll commissioned by the Kilroy campaign, Kilroy has a 47% to 37% lead over Stivers.

Congrats, Mary Jo!

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