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Who knows if the PD or Steve Koff got embarrassed by the obviousness of their Leebagging, but in today’s print edition, the headline is very different from the headline which was so perfectly Leebagged even Naugle and Keeling slurped it up like spoo dripping off a scrotum.

I often wonder just how stupid MSM reporters really are. ? I mean, yeah, I’m pretty hard on them anyway, but this episode, in which Steve Koff rented out his laptop so blatantly to the Fisher campaign, reveals such a level of blissful stupidity you’d think Steve Koff is […]

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Another standard play in the Lee Fisher playbook is the consultant driven, mundane media cycle milking, manufactured FEC complaint late in the campaign.? Here’s how it’s supposed to work.? Find some little thing in an FEC filing, gin it up to be some major SCANDAL, get your spokesperson to be “troubled”, on the record, get lapdogs like Steve Koff to get all breathless in print, which then leads to some “independent” filing of a “complaint”, which then leads to more breathless Steve Koff articles.

Only question is how quickly this gets into a negative attack ad.

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