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Nelsonville City Councilman and 94th District State Representative Candidate Taylor Sappington announced on social media that he will not accept money from corporations or billionaires.

“I refuse to accept any corporate money into my campaign,” says Sappington. “…it is unethical and is corrosive to our democracy to take corporate money and then turn around and tell the people that you actually stand for them. Folks down here can and should see right through that type of dishonesty.”

The 94th House District is comprised of Meigs County, and parts of Athens, Washington and Vinton Counties. And fitting for […]

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Note to Tea Partiers:  State Senator Tim Grendell is treading on you.

Today The Dispatch is reporting that Tim Grendell (Our buddy the chairman in the Troopergate nonsense) may not serve in the position for which he ran and was elected:

Saying he doesn’t want to leave his constituents with someone “who is not consistent with the values I’ve represented,” Sen. Timothy J. Grendell is contemplating staying in the Ohio Senate instead of moving to the House seat he won on Election Day.

You get that? Tim Grendell essentially says to hell with the will of the […]

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Modern already documented the douchebaggery of one Kris Jordan. It doesn’t stop there. Jeff Wagner appears ready to trump the youngster Kris. He is, afterall, a veteran of douchebaggery it seems:

Rep. Jeff Wagner, R-Sycamore, said his amendment to prohibit insurers from denying coverage for any medical reason was proposed ?tongue-in-cheek.?

?If we?re going to drive the insurance industry out of Ohio, why do it an inch at a time?? said Sycamore. The House tabled his amendment.

So in retaliation for proposing that health insurance companies – you know – COVER HEALTH PROBLEMS, this dick proposes they […]

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Complete AG Office Meltdown

On May 2, 2008 By

Everyone knew it was coming. Today is the day.

Two top employees of Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann were fired and a third has resigned because of an internal investigation of sexual harassment complaints released this morning.
And Dann admitted he had a “romantic relationship” with an employee during a “difficult time” in his marriage.

Tim and ModernEsquire are of course all over it. Jerid even takes time to comment. Ugly. In a word, ugly. But then again it was a ticking time bomb.

Marc Dann was to bring back a sense of trust, […]

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