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Today, the Director of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services sent a letter out to every State employees regarding SB 5. Amazingly (or not), the letter seems to be virtually lifted from the Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee’s pro-SB 5 website,

Because it’s unusual to see an Administration lobby its own employees on legislation on a path to a referendum, we feel it necessary to fact-check some of the Administration’s own claims.

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Earlier today, Joseph wrote about Innovation Ohio releasing Kasich Administration documents that showed the Administration has, in fact, run full simulations on how their budget will affect each school district that included the impact of Kasich’s decision to replace none of the lost stimulus funding and tax changes Kasich’s budget makes.

The Cincinnati Enquirer and other outlets has the Kasich Administration’s response to the release of this data.  First, the response in full, and then the breakdown:

“It appears that it’s not accurate and if it had any origin here at one time it is now badly outdated, […]

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Tom Charles has gotten everything he’s ever wanted for John Kasich after giving the Republicans an error-ridden investigation they could use to falsely accuse the Strickland Administration of perjury and obstruction of justice, charges so ridiculous a Republican county prosecutor declared (but only after the election) there was “insufficient” evidence to pursue.

According to the Tweet feed of WOSU/NPR’s Columbus bureau Jo Ingles, today Kasich not only announced that he was appointing Tom Charles as the head of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, but that he’d also appoint John Born as the Superintendent of the Ohio Highway Patrol.

[blackbirdpie […]

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John Kasich released a new ad attacking Ted Strickland over his ad attacking JobsOhio.

And just who is the person the Kasich campaign is relying of for these statements?  This kid:

Yep, that picture was taken this year.  Meet Mytheos Holt, the ‘10 graduate of Wesleyan University in Connecticut who now blogs for National Review—hardly an objective, nonpartisan, non-ideological publication.  [UPDATE:Anthony @ Ohio Daily Blog has more information about Holt’s “journalism” bona fides as well.]

Two days ago, I smelled a rat in Holt’s story, and wrote about his claims about the […]

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Jon Keeling is really starting to lose his mind.  Today, he claimed, with no evidence, that the Strickland campaign just flat out “made up” an internal poll showing them behind by three points in order to have something to say about yesterday’s Quinnipiac.  It’s, of course, totally untrue.

Jai Chabria, a Kasich campaign worker, and the “other man” in Kasich’s “two-man” Columbus Lehman Brothers office, also tweeted that the poll was a complete fiction.

The only problem with this theory is that Matt Naugle wrote about an internal Democratic poll showing […]

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If Jon Keeling didn’t have a record of getting the Ohio media to incorporate his B.S. narratives so much in their reporting, I wouldn’t bother.  But Keeling (and by extension, the Kasich campaign) is trying to spread a rumor that the Democratic Governor’s Association is pulling out of Ohio.

But it’s not true, as I have confirmed it with the DGA.  But beyond that, just last week, the DGA filed a complaint against Fox News with the Ohio Elections Commission concerning their free advertisement of John Kasich’s campaign and assistance in on-air campaign fundraising.  This week, they’ve got […]

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You’re not going to find me at a Marc Dann Fan Club meeting.  I didn’t support him in the primary in 2006.  I openly wrote that his attorney disciplinary history was a major liability for the general election.  And I made the legal and political case for Marc Dann’s impeachment.  However, today’s blog post by Steve Nash at the Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog is nothing more than tabloid Dann bashing… two years after Dann left the public eye.

For no apparently reason, Steve Nash feels it necessary to report to the public at large that the recently divorced […]

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Here’s Kasich’s spokesman Rob Nichols Mansfield News Journal in response to Governor Strickland’s recent campaign appearance there:

Because of Ted Strickland’s mismanagement, Ohio still has higher unemployment than every neighboring state but Michigan, and we’re recovering more slowly,” Nichols wrote in an e-mail to the News Journal. “Relief is coming, however, and John Kasich encourages Ohioans to stay positive and hang in there because if he’s elected governor in November, we’ll be able to reduce spending and begin reducing taxes so we can revive the economy and create jobs.

Yes, it’s true that only Michigan is the only […]

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The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog shows just how twisted the NRCC has to get to attack Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s role in passing comprehensive Wall Street reform passed:

The committee, which backs Republican challenger Steve Stivers, said provisions in the bill will benefit trial lawyers and unions, which happen to be among Kilroy’s most stalwart financial supporters.

Lawyers will benefit from lawsuits that result from disputes over “ambiguous language” in the bill as well as provisions that allow whistleblowers to be anonymous and hire lawyers to represent them, the GOP committee said.

The group […]

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Seriously, Keeling needs a whaaambulance.

Nobody lied or mischaracterized what Kasich said.  Furthermore, not one person believes that Keeling wouldn’t have issued just as many tweets and posts (probably double) if Strickland had committed the kind of gaffes that Kasich did.

Kasich himself emerged from his book tour to say that he took his campaign spokesman “to the woodshed” over his comments

But Nichols is being thrown under the bus unfairly.  Yes, you read that right.  Nichols is being blamed unfairly.  Remember that Nichols’ “chicken shack” comment was not made off the cuff, but in a […]

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Jon Keeling is going to go down as the Sun Tzu of Ohio Republican political strategist with today’s post.

First, let’s clarify a few things, this post is a trial balloon by the Kasich campaign.? Jon Keeling has demonstrated that he doesn’t write a single thing without the Kasich campaign’s involvement.?? He even mentions in the post that this is what he’s hearing, so this isn’t just his personal opinion.

Second, nobody cares about who Kasich’s running mate will be.? God bless lil’ AK Bulletsauce, but the image he tries to create of Republicans circling the block waiting […]

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