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Earlier I wondered if the retooled SockPoliticans site was for real. There are so many mixed signals. First David Lawson puts an apology up on their old SockObama website. Then they are selling them. Then they aren’t. Then they are “exploring options”. Now they are retooling as SockPoliticians? Let’s be clear here. Just because you toss together some other monkeys (McCain appears to be an old Orangutan or something), it doesn’t make your racist Obama doll any less offensive. Period. You continue down this path to your ridicule. Pressure from Plunderbund won’t go away anytime soon.

So here’s […]

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Hard to tell if this is for real or not. Domain is registered via proxy. Paypal link doesn’t work. If it were for real you’d think they’d be processing orders like mad given all the attention. It’s probably a joke (decent one, actually). Probably trying to earn some quick cash on Google Ads.

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Just got a note from the company who was hired to prototype the sock obama doll (a story Joseph first broke here at PB). It appears Binkley Toys is taking the right step in not making the doll. Good on them! Full note is below:

A Statement
My name is Rob Bishop, I am the owner of Binkley Toys Inc. and this is my website.

My company, Binkley Toys Inc. has not manufactured the SockObama in production. (more then one toy)

My company was involved in prototyping the SockObama doll as a “work for hire” manufacturer.

Before the […]

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